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Types of Appointments

General Staff

Staff, like faculty, make essential contributions to the teaching, research and operations of the University. Staff are comprised of both unionized and non-unionized employee categories.

The term "general staff" applies to all staff (non-academic) employees, except staff under the jurisdiction of a certified union local, staff covered by other memoranda of understanding, other separate employee categories and students (either graduate or undergraduate). General staff may hold continuing, term or contract appointments.

Possible Appointment Types Full-time Part-time
Continuing 35 hrs 14-34 hrs
Term 35 hrs 14-34 hrs
Contract 35 hrs 14-34 hrs

*Individuals working less than 14 hrs per week should be paid through salary requisition.

Continuing Appointment

A continuing appointment is one in which no end date is stated. Individuals are appointed to continuing positions through the Human Resources Department.

A specialized type of continuing appointment is called a continuing term appointment. A continuing term appointment is a continuing one in which the staff member works for a fixed period of time (term) each year; e.g., September 1 to May 31 each year. In addition, the appointment must be for at least 14 hours per week during the length of the term. Individuals are appointed to continuing term appointments through the Human Resources Department.

Term Appointment

A term appointment is one in which the end date is stated, beyond which there is no commitment of employment on the part of the university. Normally, a term appointment is from four months to one year in length, although such an appointment may be for a longer period. Any employment beyond the stated end date must be specified in a revised letter of appointment which either extends the initial appointment or specifies the conditions of a new appointment. Individuals are appointed to term appointments through the Human Resources Department.


General staff with contract appointments are all persons receiving salary payments from grants, contracts and University trust funds and working under the supervision of a Queen's University employee. Contract appointments have both a start and end date specified, beyond which there is no commitment of employment on the part of the University. In order to be considered as general staff, research grant and contract staff must work at least 14 hours per week for a period of at least four months. Such individuals are appointed through employment contracts authorized by the principal investigator (PI), and department head, director, or dean.

Note: The above types of appointment may be either full-time or part-time.


A full-time appointment consists of 35 hours per week. If the position requires in excess of 35 hours, the terms will be clearly stated in the appointment letter and/or on the contract. Departments requiring an incumbent to work more than eight hours a day or 48 hours in a work week, should contact Human Resources to ensure compliance with the Employment Standards Act.


A part-time appointment consists of a minimum of 14 hours per week but is for less than 35 hours per week.

Affiliated Organizations

Certain affiliated organizations are not subject to Queen's personnel policies. The individuals employed by these organizations are not Queen's Employees.