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Temporary Term/Contract Appointments for Staff Holding Continuing-Appointments


The University encourages opportunities for general staff holding continuing appointments to broaden their experience by temporarily moving into term or research, grant and contract positions (general staff) and considers such exposure to be a long-term human resources investment.

It is recognized, however, that the decision whether to provide such career development opportunities will be a reflection of a department's capability to function in such a temporary replacement arrangement.

This policy is not applicable to staff holding term or contract appointments.


General staff holding continuing appointments and interested in being considered for term or research, grant and contract appointments would normally follow standard University employment procedures by applying for appropriate vacancies as they are posted on the Human Resources Website or otherwise advertised and, if selected, request a leave from their current department for the duration of the term/contract appointment.

Consideration and awareness of the following conditions are important when staff request such appointments and when supervisors grant such arrangements:

  • ability of the department from which the employee considers leaving to reassign responsibilities to remaining staff and/or hire temporary staff during the absence

  • ability and willingness of the remaining staff to take on additional assignments (new and possibly more advanced responsibilities) on a temporary basis

  • the possibility of additional pay to the remaining staff who have assumed additional duties in the department for the duration of the temporary arrangement

  • any opportunities gained by the participating staff member and the University through such arrangements

  • the expectation that at the conclusion of the arrangement, the staff member who has taken the term or contract appointment must decide whether to return to or resign from the original position

When negotiations for the arrangement are completed, the staff member will be issued two letters documenting the terms of the arrangement:

  1. The first, written by the department from which the employee is leaving will outline the arrangement for the leave including the terms of return to the department.

  2. The second, from Human Resources (in consultation with the unit offering the term position) will set out the arrangements for the term or research, grant and contract appointment including the staff member's employment status and the relationship to the University at the conclusion of the appointment.

A term or research, grant and contract vacancy which results from the staff member's move to another position may be filled without being advertised on the Human Resources Website if it is filled by promotion or transfer from within the department. However, if it is to be filled from outside the department, the position should be advertised on the Human Resources Website according to University policy.

Although the University is committed to assisting general staff to enhance skills and broaden their experience through avenues such as this, not every request from staff wishing to take a term or research, grant and contract appointment can be granted. The supervisor and department head/director will review each request, and a decision will be based on factors such as advantages and disadvantages for both the staff member and the department. The final decision rests with the department head/director with the operational requirements of the department being a prime consideration in the decision-making process.

If the request is not granted and a staff member accepts such an appointment despite the fact that a position will not remain open for their return, and if at the end of the period the staff member fails to obtain another University appointment, their employment with the University will be terminated. Their internal status for position competitions, however, will be retained for a period of six months after the term or research, grant and contract appointment ends.