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Salary Payments


Each employee's salary is quoted on an annual basis. A net monthly amount is deposited into the employee's account in a bank or credit union in Canada on the last working day of each month.

Government regulations require that deductions be taken for income tax, Canada Pension Plan, and Employment Insurance. Other deductions, including those to the University's benefits program, are based on each employee's individual circumstances.

Each month, a complete statement showing salary and deductions is mailed to the employee's departmental address.

Casual employees are paid through salary requisitions prepared by their departments, with appropriate deductions taken for CPP, EI, etc.


  1. This policy applies to appointments to continuing/term positions.

  2. Salaries related to new appointments to contract positions are normally set at the minimum of the range. However, if the successful candidate has internal status and if funding is available, the above policy may apply.

  3. If an employee voluntarily accepts reduced responsibilities which result in a lower salary grade, the above policy will apply.