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Moving Allowance


When a qualified applicant for a vacancy cannot be found within the University and the university must hire a new employee from a distant location, the hiring department may arrange to pay part or all of the employee's normal moving expenses - the exact amount to be set by mutual agreement between the hiring department and the employee.

The cost of reimbursement is absorbed by the hiring department.

Standard moving expenses may include:

  • Full cost of transporting the staff member and others who reside in the same physical premises as the staff member to Kingston , including reasonable costs of meals and lodging en route. If travel is by the staff member's private car, mileage reimbursement will be at the prevailing university rate (see Travel Expenses).

  • Two-thirds of the costs of packing, unpacking, insurance and shipping of furniture and reasonable household effects.

  • The maximum allowance from any geographic location should be confirmed through Financial Services.