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Hiring Salaries


Starting salaries for new employees in salary grades one to nine normally will be the applicable salary grade minimum for the position.

Starting salaries for new employees in salary grades ten to fourteen normally will be set between the minimum and the mid-range of the applicable salary range based on type and length of previous relevant experience.

There may be occasions when the University is required to pay more to attract or retain staff as a result of outside market pressure. Such situations will be considered in accordance with the University's Market Pay policy.


  1. This policy applies to continuing/term and research grant and contract positions.

  2. Full time equivalent (FTE) salaries will be determined in accordance with the above policy and will be pro-rated for part-time appointments.

  3. Compensation for shift work, weekends, long hours (more than 35 hours per week, every week), supervisory differential and market factor, will be paid in the form of a premium in addition to the FTE salary.