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Time Reporting Codes (TRC) for COVID-19 have been added to HR PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft by Oracle is the software solution used by Queen's University for Campus Solutions, Financial Services and Human Resources administration.  If you are an administrative professional, supervisor, or manager looking for information regarding the HR PeopleSoft application, please review the below content which outlines available training, security access processes, and other related material.

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Training, Security Access, and Reference Documents

To obtain Security Access to certain HR PeopleSoft modules, you may be required to complete HR PeopleSoft Training.  ALL Training Material and Reference Documents are available through our onQ course.  To identify if training is required, please review the Role Descriptions, which provides a summary of each role and indicates the training requirements.

HR Drop-in sessions are scheduled once a month (September through June) in the Jeffrey Hall computer lab (rm. 156). During these sessions a representative from the Client Services team will be available to answer and walk people through any issues they may be having with HR PeopleSoft or CareerQ. For more information, including the dates and times of monthly drop ins, please visit the Learning Catalogue.

Reports and Queries

A variety of PeopleSoft Queries have been developed to assist in gathering information and analyzing employee data.

Manager Dashboard

View a summary of your direct reports in one easy to navigate location.

Additional Information

Help and Support

How to Login to HR PeopleSoft from On Campus

A valid Employee NetID and password are required to access HR PeopleSoft. If you do not have an Employee NetID, visit the NetID Account Activation page to activate one.

Forgot your password? Visit the Self Service Password Reset page.

To log in to HR PeopleSoft follow the below steps:​

  1. Go to the Queen's Portal (
  2. Enter your Queen's NetID and Password​
  3. Click the Log In button
  4. On the Queen's Portal page, click the MyHR button
How to Login to HR PeopleSoft from Off Campus

A valid employee NetID and password are required to access HR PeopleSoft. If you do not have an employee NetID, visit the NetID Account Activation page to activate one.

Forgot your password? Visit the Self Service Password Reset page.

To log in to HR PeopleSoft while off campus you must log in using a secure connection.  To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Queen's Secure Service (
  2. In the Group dropdown select PeopleSoft.
  3. Enter your Queen's NetID and password as your username and password.
  4. Click the Login button.
    You are now connected to the Queen's University Secure Service and can access HR PeopleSoft via the Queen's Portal.
  5. Enter your Queen's NetID and password
  6. Click Log In
  7. Select the MyHR button on the Queen's Portal page


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How do I add a non-employee that is a Contingent Worker (i.e. volunteer, guest, co-op student) who needs university system access?

A: Submit your request to Information Services and they will add the person to HR PeopleSoft.

Q2: What is the pay frequency in HR PeopleSoft for casual employees if they were paid monthly in the legacy HR system?

A: All casual employees will be paid bi-weekly in HR PeopleSoft regardless of their pay frequency in the legacy HR system.

Q3. I have a new employee starting in my department. How do I request HR PeopleSoft Access?

A: Submit a completed HRMS Security Access Request Form to Human Resources.

Q4: What is a combination code (combo code)?

A: A combo-code is a system generated unique numeric identifier that represents a chart field string in the HR PeopleSoft. It represents how a salary is funded. A new combo code is required for each unique combination of chart fields.

Q5: How do I look up and/or add a combo code?

A: Here is the navigation for Combo Codes: In HR PeopleSoft>Workforce Administration>Job Information>Valid Combo Table. You then search using your chartfield parameters and the SetID of SHARE. If no values come up you should be able to go to the other tab on that page (add a new value) and add the combo code.

Q6: How will honorariums be paid through PeopleSoft HR?

A: When an honorarium is to be paid to an employee, the department will complete a HR_FRM-048 Additional/One-time Payment Request Form and send it to Human Resources for processing. Payments for non-employees will be processed through the Finance department on a Cheque Requisition.

Q7: If the salary of a position is charged to multiple accounts, is the employer cost of the benefits split in the same manner?

A: Yes, if the employee's salary is charged to multiple accounts, the employer cost of the benefit will be split in the same manner.


Q1: How is a casual employee hire approved?

A: A new casual employee must be hired through the HR PeopleSoft system. The approver will not need to approve the hire, but rather the time worked. A paper timesheet is completed and submitted to the approver for signature. Once signed, it is given to the timekeeper for entry into PeopleSoft.

Q2: If a casual employee has different rates of pay, do I need to create different jobs to pay them?

A: Yes

Q3: I am a Departmental HR Administrator, will I be notified once a contract is approved by Human Resources?

A: Individual notices will not be sent, however, in HR PeopleSoft, the employee's contract will display in Processed Hires section of your Contract Status Page with a status of Completed.

Q4: How will work study students be hired in HR PeopleSoft?

A: Work Study students will be hired using the Casual hire template in the HR PeopleSoft System.

Q5: Will students, casual employees and Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) students be paid 4% vacation automatically?

A: Yes, vacation pay will be added to the employee job data record in PeopleSoft.

Q6: What formula should I use to calculate the hourly/monthly rate excluding 4% vacation?

A: The formula is $####.##/1.04. The dollar amount can be an hourly or monthly amount.

Example: $1000.00/1.04=$961.5385

Q7: Can I hire an employee with a salary paid from multiple account/combo codes?

A: Yes. When using Contract Hire template, click on 'Multiple Accounts used' in the Edit Chart fields section. Using the (+) sign, add the number of rows needed. When using Template Based Hire, use the 'Job Earnings Distribution' section of the template to pay from multiple accounts.

Q8: What happens if a new hire contract is not submitted by the submission deadline?

A: The contract would be created in the same manner, however you must contact your HR Advisor to ensure the employee is paid.

Q9: What happens if a renewal contract is not submitted by the submission deadline?

A: You must contact your HR Advisor. The termination process has been initiated for the employee. The termination process includes the payment of outstanding vacation and compensatory time balances, removal of all system access and submission of a Record of Employment to HRSDC.

Q10: How is an employee of an affiliated organization hired in HR PeopleSoft?

A: Template-based hire will be used to pay affiliate casual and salaried employees.

Q11: I am a Department Head. How do I delegate my approval of Student and/or Research contracts to a designate?

A: Please visit the Department Head Delegation page.

Q12: I am a Principal Investigator (PI). How do I delegate my approval of Student and/or Research contracts to a designate?

A: Principal Investigators may delegate the approval of contracts in PeopleSoft by completing a Financial Services Signing Authority form.

Known Issues
Q1: Reports to Field is not populated
A: The "Reports to" field in Job Data is not populated for a number of employees. PeopleSoft Sustainment is aware of this issue. We will provide an update once we have more information.
Q2: Statutory Holiday Pay for the Civic Holiday - Resolved
A: Statutory Holiday Pay for the Civic holiday was not calculated for a number of casual employees. This issue is now resolved. Pay owing to affected casual employees will be paid on September 13th.
Time and Labour

Q1: Where can I find a list of Time Reporting Codes (TRC's) and the type of time they should be used for?

A: Please visit the ‘Time and Labour’ module ‘TRC Matrix’ on onQ under PeopleSoft Training – Human Resources for a complete list of TRC's including definitions and eligible employee groups.

Q2. What is the difference between a positive-time reporter and an exception time-reporter?

A: A positive time reporter is an employee who must have hours reported to get paid (i.e. Casual.) An exception time reporter is an employee who only reports time when there is an exception (i.e. sick, vacation) to their normal schedule (i.e. Research).

Q3. As a Timekeeper for my department, will I be able to see employee vacation and over time balances?

A: Yes, employee balances can be viewed on the employee's timesheet in PeopleSoft. The balances are displayed in hours. Overtime balances are updated nightly whereas vacation is updated monthly after payroll has run.

Q4: How far in advance can I enter time data?

A: The "Grace Period' for future time is set to 31 days. 

Q5. What do I do if I enter time for an employee incorrectly?

A: Return to the employee's timesheet and correct the entry. If the entry is corrected prior to the payroll cutoff, the employee records will be updated correctly. If the entry is corrected after payroll cutoff and the correction will impact an employee's pay, please contact your HR Advisor. If the entry will not impact an employee's pay, the employee's records will be updated on the next regular payday.

Q6: How far back can I correct time data?

A: The "Grace Period' for past time is set to 90 days. You will have access to the entire pay period that the 90th day falls in. If you need to correct time beyond this grace period, please contact your HR Advisor.

Q7: Who will sign the timesheet if the department head is not available?

A: A designate can sign-off on the timesheet as long as they have been given this responsibility from the Department Head.

Q8: What is considered overtime?

A: Please visit the Queen's University Human Resources site and refer to the applicable policy or collective agreement. If you have questions regarding the policy or collective agreement as it pertains to overtime, please contact your HR Advisor.

Q9: Do I need to report hours each pay period?

A: You must report hours each pay period if a positive-time reporter (i.e. Casual) works within the period. As an employer, we are obligated to pay all wages earned during each pay period, no later than the pay day for that period. You must also report time each pay period if an exception-time reporter has an exception to their normal schedule.

Q10: If I am a timekeeper, can I view or enter my own hours in Time & Labour?

A: No, a timekeeper cannot enter hours for themselves or view their own time. Each department has a back-up timekeeper for this reason.

Q11. How do I charge an employee's hours to a different account code?

A: To learn how to modify an employee's account on their timesheet, please refer to the Module 4 - Modify Timesheet Account of the Timekeeper Report Time 1 – Guide to Timekeeping on onQ for step by step instructions.

Q12: Will departments be required to use the PeopleSoft timesheet or can they continue to use departmental timesheets?

A: Departments can use their own timesheets provided all the necessary information has been included.

Q13: Will Statutory Pay be automatically generated for Casual Employees in Time & Labour?

A: Yes, Statutory pay will be generated for all casual employees based on the eligibility and calculation in accordance with Ontario's Employment Standards Act 2000.

For help and support regarding HR PeopleSoft training please contact your HR Advisor.