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Process Checklist

This checklist is intended to assist those responsible for hiring research, grant and contract employees, by providing an easy-reference guide that outlines the major steps involved in this hiring process. It is important when a project proposal is initially planned, to consider these employment processes. Hence, this checklist commences with the preliminary phase—the employment planning stage—and concludes with the contract appointment.

  • Budget:
    When budgeting, determine required staff salaries, employer's benefits contribution, payments to central fund and special fund, as well as indirect cost recovery.

  • Notification:
    The recipient of a grant receives notification that funding for a project or research has been awarded.

  • Documentation and Research Account:
    Research Services ensures documentation completed for all sources of research funds, requests Financial Services to open researcher's account.

  • Salary and Position Summary:
    Before beginning a hiring process, contact a member of the Compensation Team for advice on the Position Summary and appropriate salary grade.

  • Advertising:
    Advertise the position on the Human Resources website. Research, Grant and Contract vacancies appear in the 'Job Opportunities' section under the heading 'Research and Other Positions' and are open to internal and external applicants.

  • The Interview:
    Prior to the interviews, develop interview questions based on job-criteria. Plan to use these job-related criteria to evaluate candidates when reviewing resumés and conducting interviews.

  • References:
    Contact at least two or three references, including current and former supervisors, for verification of the candidate's qualifications and their past experience.

  • Benefits:
    When a verbal offer is made, prepare to answer candidate queries. For example, reviewing benefits eligibility and benefits premiums will assist with benefits questions.

  • Written Offer and Contract:
    If a verbal offer is accepted, send an Offer of Employment letter. Attach the letter (signed by the candidate) to a completed Employment Contract.

  • Completing the Employment Contract:
    Prior to submitting the Employment Contract to Human Resources, please ensure that you have included the employee's current mailing address, date of birth, void cheque for banking information, position number and a copy of their social insurance card. The contract will need all approval signatures and budget information to be processed by the Payroll Unit.

  • Notify Other Candidates:
    Once a position has been accepted by a candidate, notify those who were interviewed that another candidate has been offered and accepted the position. Be prepared to provide feedback if necessary.

  • Maintain Notes:
    notes made during the process must be retained for two years to support reasons for the selection. This ensures available information should the selection be challenged.

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