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Establishing the Hiring Process

Hiring Tip:
During the initial stages of the hiring process, review and become knowledgeable about effective hiring practices.

Preliminary Phase (Budgeting)

In order to ensure that an adequate level of compensation is available to support the required salary associated with a hiring, during the planning stage of the project or research proposal, the budget will need to allow for some specific financial requirements. The Office of Research Services website provides information for researchers about preparation of the proposal, research related forms, staff contacts, etc., while the Human Resources department provides information specific to compensation and employment. The following are some examples of financial considerations to take into account during the planning phase:


Determine and budget for the appropriate, required level of compensation for this particular contract position. Contact a member of the Compensation Team to be advised of the appropriate salary. Remember to budget for the annual July 1 salary increases for research, grant and contract staff.

Employer's Contribution for Benefits

The employer's contribution for benefits mandated by law or elected by the employee, an amount which may equal up to 30% of the salary paid to the research, grant or contract employee.

Central Fund

Allow for required payments to the central fund. This fund was established to provide for payments to research, grant and contract employees necessitated by sick leave, maternity, paternity and adoption leaves, severance pay and benefits for long term disability recipients. It provides internal insurance for those at Queen's who employ research, grant and contract employees and spreads the cost of unanticipated personnel employment expenses among those hiring such employees. Contributions to the central fund are required for all at Queen's who employ research, grant and contract employees and involves payment of an amount equal to 2.5% of all salaries paid to research, grant and contract employees. When the need arises, reimbursement by the central fund is arranged by contacting Human Resources.

Tuition Support and Childcare Fund

This fund was established in order to fund the child care benefit plan and the tuition support plan for research, grant and contract employees. Those who employ contract employees contribute an amount equal to 1% of all salaries paid to contract employees.

Indirect Cost Recovery (Overhead)

The project budget should account for indirect cost recovery. The percent rate at which the University recovers indirect costs is detailed through Research Services website Policy on the Administration of Research Funds. The site also provides the following definition: indirect costs (overheads) are those University expenditures incurred in the conduct of research for which it is not possible to provide an accurate itemization of the cost of performing a specific research activity. Indirect costs are real costs to the University, including but not limited to such items as occupancy cost, building use, central administration, library costs and central computing services costs.

Once a recipient of a grant receives notification that funding for a project or research has been awarded and all the documentation has been completed for all sources of research funds, Research Services requests Financial Services to open a research account for the Researcher.

Position Summary and Compensation Level

Hiring Tip:
Become familiar with the requirements of the position and review the position summary (job overview).

The Position Summary is a vital component in any recruitment procedure. It is the basis for determining the appropriate level of compensation for the position, an aid in developing the employment advertisement and a tool for determining whether candidates are qualified for the position.

If, at this point in the process, the Researcher or Supervisor has not contacted Human Resources to determine the appropriate level of compensation and to evaluate the position, or if the Queen's University Support Staff Position Summary (job overview) has not yet been completed (or if the job duties have changed considerably since the Summary was last completed), the Human Resources Compensation Unit will need to be contacted and the Position Summary filled out.

The aim is to create a realistic picture of the job, one that reflects the nature and scope of the position. Use action words that clearly express the nature of the tasks required. As a preliminary to completing the position summary, view the QJE (Queen’s Job Evaluation) Generic Position Overviews to aid in the development of an accurate Position Summary. Normally, positions for research, grant and contract employees will fall within the NAS (Natural and Applied Science) family. See the salaries associated with each position on the Salary Grid and Salary Range charts.

Questions? Contact Payroll to discuss the particular hiring situation and specific job and compensation considerations (i.e. part-time vs. full-time, appropriate level of compensation for the particular position overview, etc.).

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