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Hiring Tip:
Advertise the position in order to attract a qualified and diverse applicant pool.

It is recommended that all contract positions be advertised on the Human Resources website. Advertising widely tends to attract a broader pool of qualified, diverse applicants and, as well, furthers the University goals for achieving employment equity. The content and appearance of the ad is also important and will have a direct impact on applicant response. As well, the ad presentation, when published externally, will reflect (either positively or negatively) on the University.

A job advertisement for a research, grant and contract position will ideally include some specific criteria (see the following listing). At the same time, the University appreciates the fact that those who hire contract employees are from a diverse group of units and therefore face differing circumstances and challenges. While those with more resources at their disposal are in a position to create and publish a more comprehensive external advertisement, others may be operating on a limited budget and require a smaller ad, one that recognizes their particular need for cost containment. The sample employment advertisement above is designed to allow for flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of various units and present a range of formats, designs and sizes.

Regardless of the availability of funding, the Position Summary should be the basis for the advertisement. As well, an appropriate employment equity statement is required in all Queen's University employment advertisements when published externally.

The following is a list of basic features to include in the job ad:

  • Queen’s logo (when positions are advertised in external publications)
  • Title of the position
  • Employing department
  • Duration of contract
  • Principal duties and responsibilities (based on the Position Summary)
  • Qualifications
  • Salary grade and hiring salary
  • Request for letter of application, resume and references
  • Name, title and address of the person receiving the applications
  • Closing date
  • A note indicating that only those chosen for interviews will be contacted
  • Employment equity statement:

    The University invites applications from all qualified individuals. Queen's is committed to employment equity and diversity in the workplace and welcomes applications from women, visible minorities, aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity."

  • Note: In situations where the body of the ad contains 75 words or less, an abbreviated employment equity statement may be substituted as follows:

    Queen’s University is an equal opportunity employer."

Hiring units are encouraged to advertise positions on the Human Resources website to ensure that current Queen's employees are aware of job vacancies. Research, Grant and Contract vacancies appear under 'Research and Other Positions' in the Job Opportunities section of the Human Resources website and are open to both internal and external applicants.

Some other possible locations for ad placements include:

  • specific departments or faculties within the University
  • other universities
  • newspapers
  • professional journals
  • centres and journals for racial and cultural issues, special needs, etc.

Note: For additional locations for ad placements, see the Office of the University Advisor on Equity’s Outreach Recruitment website.

Questions? Contact the Employment Coordinator for assistance with the wording of your ad.

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