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Queen's University

Human Resources

Recruiting Guide

...for Research, Grant and Contract Employees

This Guide provides information to assist in the process of hiring research, grant and contract employees and outlines the steps necessary to conduct an effective hiring process including procedures to encourage equity in the Queen's workforce.

This guide contains a wide range of information that will assist both novice and experienced search participants seeking research, grant and contract employees. Several useful features, including a process checklist that highlights the key points of the hiring process; a list of contacts in the Human Resources department; and a listing of disallowed interview questions under the Ontario Human Rights Code, make this guide a valuable hiring resource. Its tip-based, chronological format which simplifies and clarifies the hiring process will be useful to those hiring for the first time as well as to the more experienced, seasoned recruiter.

Although those who hire research, grant and contract employees are responsible for all hiring and employment decisions pertaining to the recruitment process, there are a number of valuable resources available on campus to assist those involved in such processes. Several people are available in Human Resources to provide advice and clarify the various hiring procedures.

Questions? Contact your HR advisor.

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