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MyHR Self Service

​Welcome to MyHR, a new, user-friendly way for Queen's employees to access human resources-related information from anywhere. The MyHR online portal gives employees online access to a variety of human resources services, including access to view and print pay advance slips, view benefits information, change home address and banking information and update emergency contacts  

When employment with the University ends, access to MyHR is suspended. Therefore, it is Recommended Best Practice to save copies to your personal records of documents issued via MyHR.  If you are reaching the Natural End of a Term Appointment, please login to MyHR to verify you have all documents you require prior to your last day of work.
MyHR from Off-Campus
MyHR From On-Campus

Note: if you see a warning for a stale password, you will need to update your password and wait 30 minutes before you attempt to log into MyHR again.


Benefits Summary
View the coverage status of employee and employer paid benefits. 

Direct Deposit
Add and update direct deposit banking information. Direct Deposit information must be updated prior to the Payroll cut-off period; please refer to the Payroll Calendar for more information regarding payroll cut-off periods.

Emergency Contacts
Add and update your emergency contact information.

Home Address Change
Moving? Update your home address.

My Current Profile
View the professional licences, certificates and degrees on file in the HR system.

T4/ T4a Tax Slips
View and print your electronic T4 and T4a tax slips. This is available to employees who have elected to receive E-pay advice slips.

Pay Advice Slips
View and print your electronic pay advice slips, issued at the end of the month for monthly paid employees, and the end of each pay period for bi-weekly paid employees.

Help and Support

Logging into MyHR - On Campus

A valid Employee NetID and password are required to access MyHR. If you do not have an Employee NetID, visit the NetID Account Activation page to activate one.

Forgot your password? Visit the Self Service Password Reset page.

To log in to MyHR Self Service follow the below steps:​

  1. Go to the Queen's Portal (
  2. Enter your Queen's NetID and Password​
  3. Click the Log In button
  4. On the Queen's Portal page, click the MyHR button
Logging into MyHR - Off Campus

A valid employee NetID and password are required to access MyHR. If you do not have an employee NetID, visit the NetID Account Activation page to activate one.

Forgot your password? Visit the Self Service Password Reset page.

To log in to MyHR while off campus you must log in using a secure connection.  To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Queen's Secure Service (
  2. In the Group dropdown select PeopleSoft.
  3. Enter your Queen's NetID and password as your username and password.
  4. Click the Login button.
    You are now connected to the Queen's University Secure Service and can access MyHR via the Queen's Portal.
  5. Enter your Queen's NetID and password
  6. Click Log In
  7. Select the MyHR button on the Queen's Portal page
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. If I change something such as my home address or my banking information, how quickly is the system updated?
    Your changes will be reflected immediately in the PeopleSoft system.
  2. Does my supervisor have to validate any of the changes to my personal data that I make in MyHR?
  3. What do I do if the data in MyHR is incorrect?
    If the error relates to fields that you are able to edit such as your home address and banking information, you will be able to correct them on your own. Otherwise you will need to contact your HR advisor and they will be able to assist you in making the required changes. Visit our contacts page to determine your HR advisor.
  4. Will I be able to access MyHR with my student NetID?
    Students who are employed by the university will need to use their employee Net IDs to access MyHR.
  5. What information can I view through MyHR?
    You will be able to view your own benefits summary, banking information, home address, pay advice slips (pay stubs), T4/T4A forms, and emergency contact information.
  6. What information can I edit through MyHR?
    You will be able to edit your banking information, home address and emergency contact information. When adding or editing bank account information, please ensure that you only include numbers.  Do not add spaces or special characters such as dashes.
  7. Can I change my life insurance beneficiary in MyHR?
  8. How secure is my information? Can anyone else see my personal information?
    Your information is very secure, only you and selected Human Resources and Payroll staff have access to your personal information. Never give out your NetID and password to anyone else. If you think your password has been compromised, change it immediately. You can change your NetID password online using the NetID Profile Manager:
  9. Can I still get printed copy of my T4 slip if I request it?
    Yes. If you are receiving your pay advice slip (pay stub) electronically, you may elect to receive your T4 or T4A either electronically or printed and mailed to your home address. If you receive your pay advice slip (pay stub) in printed paper version, then your T4 or T4A will only be available in print version, mailed to your home address.
  10. I forgot my NetID. What do I do?
    Contact the IT Support Centre: 613.533.6666
  11. I don't have an active appointment. How do I get the documents I need?
    Individuals who are no longer employed at the university will lose access to the MyHR system. In this case, tax slips and the final pay advice slip (pay stub) will be mailed to the individual's home address.
  12. Do I have to be a current user of the PeopleSoft system to use MyHR?
    Every active employee will have access to MyHR.
  13. Will there be sufficient HR support to deal with errors in information?
    Many errors in information will be able to be corrected directly by you through MyHR. However, if you notice a field that contains an error and you are unable to edit that field, there will be effective HR support to deal with that matter. You simply have to contact your HR advisor.
  14. How will the new system affect workloads for time reporters and those setting up contracts in the longer term?
    We anticipate no change to workload for timekeepers and administrators. Changes in process will be addressed through training prior to the upgrade.
  15. Will casual employees be able to see their reported time (hours/date), rate of pay, casual contract expiration dates, etc., online?
    Hourly rate, hours and earnings will appear on the pay advice slip (pay stub).
  16. Will employees be able to track lieu, vacation, sick time and termination dates with this upgrade?
    MyHR allows employees to see their employee health benefit selections. Vacation entitlement is not shown through MyHR.
  17. Will visitors and guests get to change their personal data also since these accounts are also part of PeopleSoft HR system
    Contingent workers (guests, consultants, visitors) will not have access to MyHR.
  18. Is the system intuitive? Will I need a lot of training to learn to use MyHR?
    The system is intuitive, however, quick reference guides will be distributed and training sessions will be available. Online support will also be available. 
  19. Where is my information being stored?
    Your information is private and secure within PeopleSoft, the data resides on servers on Queen's campus.
  20. I am a student, where do I find my employee number?
    A student's employee number is normally their student number.  The employee number can be found at the top of your pay advice slip.