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Leaving Queen's

Employees may leave their employment at the University for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • to resign
  • to transfer to another department at the University
  • to go on Long Term Disability
  • the employment contract ends
  • the employee is dismissed
  • retirement

Leaving Checklist

Download: HR-FRM-051 Transfer or Termination Checklist for Employees

Employees should refer to the Transfer or Termination checklist when leaving a department for any of the above reasons.

This checklist should be used as a guide by employees who are terminating from the University or transferring to a different position.  It identifies the things that an employee needs to do on or before the last day of work.  It also provides information about employee benefits, general deductions and a list of contacts for additional support.

Note: Certain items may not apply depending on the type of termination.

Exit Surveys 

Queen's University strives to be an employer of choice and considers employees to be its most valuable resource. To help us ensure that we meet our commitment to employment equity, the following exit survey is available to all employees departing Queen's University. We would appreciate hearing about any barriers you may have encountered in your employment related to employment equity, discrimination, harassment and/or accommodation and whether or not these barriers had any impact on your decision to leave Queen's University.


The Employment Equity program at Queen's University was established to identify and eliminate barriers in the organization's employment procedures, policies and practices, as well as to facilitate the development of new procedures, policies and programs that would ensure greater and equal participation of marginalized groups and individuals in the University. You will be providing valuable feedback that will be used to assist Queen's University in improving operations, policies and practices in the working environment for employees.

Privacy Policy

Completing this questionnaire is voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential. The data will be anonymously aggregated in order to analyze the results.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact the Equity Office at or telephone 613-533-2563 and we will be happy to assist you.

Access the Exit Survey on the Equity Office website

Questions? For additional information about the termination or transfer process, please contact your Human Resources Advisor at 613-533-2070 or