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Learning and Development

Queen’s employees have many opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers as well as to attain a positive work-life balance. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to support their staff in their pursuit of professional development and personal growth in order to contribute to a positive and productive work environment.  Employees can enroll in academic courses and attend training courses that will enhance their personal growth or ability to perform their duties.

Learning Catalogue

Are you seeking to sharpen your skills, to deepen your knowledge, or to explore new career opportunities? Whatever your training objectives, HR’s Learning Catalogue will help you set meet your professional goals.

In addition to our professional development offerings, you will find an extensive list of personal wellness and physical fitness sessions offered in partnership with Queen's Athletics & Recreation. HR recognizes the importance of work-life balance and that staff need accessible and inexpensive programs in order to maintain both.

Each September, the catalogue is re-populated with workshops for the coming academic year; our workshops are offered from late September thru early June. If you don’t see the workshop(s) you are looking for, check back in early September, or check the list of all workshops below to see if it has been offered already in the current academic year.

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Tuition Assistance

The Tuition Assistance Program is divided into two components:

  • the Educational Development Fund which pays tuition fees for Queen's employees to take credit courses

  • the Professional Development Fund which reimburses Queen’s employees’ tuition fees (to a maximum of $400 per year) for work-related courses at other recognized educational institutions logo offers almost 6,000 courses taught by industry experts and relating to business, technology and creative skills; you are able to bookmark videos, create playlists, take notes, use practice environments, and manage your profile and interests and maintain a transcript.

The complete library is available to the Queen’s community!

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Queen’s Emerging Leaders Program 2018/2019

The next cohort is scheduled to start November 2018. Applications for participants and mentors will open September 4, 2018 and close September 28, 2018.

The program is designed to provide new and future managers with practical tools, support and resources they need to perform their jobs effectively and confidently. The program consists of 7 full-day training sessions for the participants (mentees), offered over a period of 7 months. Session dates start in November 2018 and end in May 2019. (Workshop outlines including dates provided in the Program Overview). In addition, each participant (mentee) will be mentored by a current Queen’s manager and Foundational Leadership Program graduate. The mentoring program component will start in October 2018 and continue until the program close in May 2019. The participants (mentees) and mentors will attend a 2-hour orientation to be held October 25, 2018.

The program is administered by Queen’s Organizational Development & Learning, Human Resources and has a course fee of $750.00 for each participant (mentee). The program fee covers all training materials, journal, and program binder. There is no cost for mentors. The program manager is Shannon Hill, Learning and Development Specialist, Queen‘s Human Resources.

Queen's Foundational Leadership Program

Applications are no longer being accepted for the current cohort. The next cohort is scheduled to start January 2020 with applications being accepted December 2019.

This comprehensive program is designed to provide a solid foundation for leading and managing your employees. Developed specifically for Queen's employees, it provides is an opportunity to network with other Queen's managers and to integrate advanced management skill acquisition with leadership development.

The program consists of two main components: a) fourteen classroom sessions and b) action learning team projects. The Action Learning Component (ALC) allows participants to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom sessions to real-life challenges. The blended learning format includes classroom and self-directed learning, readings, discussions, case studies, coaching, and mentoring using and incorporates real world problems and projects. Full-day sessions are held monthly; the entire program is seventeen months long.

Action Learning Component

Participants will work on a project in small teams. The classroom sessions start January 2018 and the project teams will be selected in June 2018; this provides participants with some prerequisite learning, and teams the time to explore potential topics. Projects will connect with current institutional priorities, and will achieve some measurable outcome(s) relating to administrative, service or research initiatives.

Learning Outcomes
  • Enhance supervisory skill set
  • Learn best practices in management
  • Gain a better understanding of your leadership capabilities
  • Expand your communication and coaching skills
  • Enhance your ability to manage projects and change
  • Build better relationships within and outside your department
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with fellow participants
  • Develop management capacity
  • Build cross-organizational collaboration
  • Strengthen employee engagement
Who is eligible?

Staff who are:

  • Currently in a non-academic role and managing staff
  • Currently in a position hat is Grade 9 or higher
  • Committed to full participation for the complete 17 month program
Program Attendance and Expectations

Attendance and participation are vital components to the success of the program and are strict requirements. Participants must demonstrate their commitment to their project team members, the entire cohort and themselves personally and professionally.

It is expected that participants, with the support of their supervisor, will attend all 14 classroom sessions. In the event of extenuating circumstances, participants may miss a maximum of two sessions. Participants who miss more than two sessions may be ineligible to continue and their department will be charged a $1000.00 withdrawal fee.

Foundational Leadership is an advanced program and requires that participants engage in a variety of activities outside of the classroom sessions. These activities consist of the following:

  • Readings and assignments
  • Maintenance of a learning journal
  • Inventories / tools / assessments
  • Team project meetings

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee's manager, peers, and direct reports.

Benefits include:

  1. Increase self-awareness
  2. Provides a balanced view
  3. Leverages strengths
  4. Uncovers blindspots
  5. Focuses on the development of skills

Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching can be defined as a professional relationship between a trained [experienced] coach and a client (who may be an individual or a group) with the goal to enhance the client's leadership or management performance and development. Through a process of inquiry, dialogue, and other tools, the coach serves as a thought partner to help the client examine and develop his or her decision-making, experiment with new ways of thinking and being, and commit to action steps that help achieve the client’s goals.

Often times, people confuse the role of an executive coach with other types of relationships such as a mentor and mentorship.  It is important to note that executive coaching is not the same as mentoring, nor is it any of the following: training/teaching; counselling/therapy; consulting; fixing problems or telling people what to do

At Queen’s HR our coaching mission is to recognize, appreciate and value the variety of leadership demands and leadership development opportunities across campus and to offer our clients a diverse, well-rounded, experienced roster of executive coaches to help clients meet their needs, support university-wide objectives and drive positive change across campus.

Executive coaching services are available for manager level positions and above, provided permission and funding is granted through management and leadership of the department.

If you are interested to request coaching services for yourself or for one of your reports, please contact the Organizational Development & Learning (ODL) team at for an intake form and for more information.


Lending Library

Human Resources’ collection of publications is available to support your professional development needs; book topics include the following and more:

  • Change Management
  • Design and Evaluation
  • Leadership
  • Presentations and Communications
  • Time Management

Customized Courses, Workshops and Training

Human Resources provides customized in-house programs for staff. For a minimum of six participants, we provide programs in:

  • business writing
  • interpersonal communications
  • customer service
  • presentation skills
  • problem solving
  • running efficient meetings
  • stress management
  • time management
  • team building
  • Personality Dimensions®
  • or a new program just for you


Contact the Organizational Development & Learning unit at