Queen's University

Volunteer positions at HCDS for the 2015-16 year are now available.

We have been experiencing occasional technical difficulties for the past week. If you cannot access the application or job description, please contact the following coordinators for their respective programs:

Peer Health Educators – Beth Blackett (healthed@queensu.ca)
Peer Learning Assistants – Caleigh Minshall (caleigh.minshall@queensu.ca)
Peer Writing Assistants – Claire Hooker (claire.hooker@queensu.ca)
Leave the Pack Behind – Kathryn Humphrys (healthed@queensu.ca)
Campus Observation Room – Kathryn Humphrys (healthed@queensu.ca)
Peer Mentors – Elizabeth Racine (liz.racine@queensu.ca)
Career Peers – Julia Blackstock (julia.blackstock@queensu.ca)

We will be able to send you the job description as well as the online application form via email, if necessary.