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Fees and Funding

The cost of an assessment is $1700 and clients will be charged this amount at the end of the assessment. However, there are a few options open to you regarding payment of the fee for an assessment.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD)

This bursary is disbursed under the umbrella of Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and the Ontario Special Bursary Program (OSBP). If currently registered university or college students are OSAP eligible, they can access this bursary to pay for their assessment. Students do not have to be receiving OSAP to apply for this bursary and only need to demonstrate financial need for $1 of OSAP to access the BSWD. OSAP only cover students whose home province is Ontario, however, students from other provinces can access the BSWD, if they qualify for the student loan program in their home province.

The BSWD is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. However, it is considered taxable income.

In order to access the BSWD to pay for their assessments, students MUST complete an application and qualify to OSAP. Applications can be done online at http://osap.gov.on.ca. Students MUST apply by January 30th to be eligible for the current academic year.

Once the assessment is completed and a report sent to Disability Services, students must register with Disability Services and bring their invoice with their proof of OSAP eligibility to arrange for the transfer of funds.

For more information about BSWD, please go to the website:

Private Insurance Policies

Either personal or parental extended health care insurance policies may cover all or a portion of the cost of a psychological assessment. Additionally, parental or personal Employee Assistance Programs may also cover the cost.

Fee Waiver

In the mission statement of the RARC, one of the goals is to provide access to affordable psychoeducational assessments. Thus, when individuals cannot access funds through government or insurance agencies as outlined above, a clients' ability to pay will be evaluated by means of a sliding fee scale.

No Show Appointment Policy

Clients who fail to come to a scheduled appointment (including intake, testing, feedback) will be charged a $200 no show fee. All clients are made aware of the no show policy at a variety of times during their contact with the centre:

  • It is always explained by the assistant to the director when new clients book their intake appointment
  • It is outlined on the information sheet given to all the clients
  • It is included on the bottom of all the appointment slips

Clients wishing to appeal this fee and request a fee waiver on the basis of extenuating circumstance should be referred to a member of senior staff. The purpose of this fee is to ensure accountability on the part of the client as an active participant in the assessment process and to ensure effective use of an important resource in the post-secondary and community environment.


Eligibility for Services

Assessment Process

Fees and Funding

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