Queen's University

Apply for a Peer Mentor

A student may be identified as eligible for the program by a member of staff either from Counselling or Disability Services. Students may also access the program through Learning Strategies Development at the Learning Commons in Stauffer Library, room 142.

All students can submit their requests for a Peer Mentor from the beginning of the academic year in September, until the end of the first full week in February.

Students requesting a Peer Mentor should contact us at counselling.services@queensu.ca and include: their name, student number, their program, year in their program, and, if applicable, course-specific needs. They should indicate their referral source (if they have one), and attach a current class schedule in a Word document.

We will email students to offer an intake appointment on a first-come first-served basis. At the meeting, we will obtain specific details on the academic program you are in and the difficulties you are encountering. Students are carefully matched with Peer Mentors on the basis of Mentor availability and "fit" with the student's academic program and interests.

More Information:

Feel free to browse the rest of the website, or contact us at counselling.services@queensu.ca or by calling us at 613-533-6000, ext 78264.