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‭“‬Parents and Students in Transition‭”

Workshop Information

Saturday Nov.‭ ‬7,‭ ‬2009

Is your student still feeling lonely or isolated‭?

Is their academic performance being affected by their social or personal concerns‭?

Are you worried that their level of stress seems too high‭?

Is your student struggling or asking you for help you don’t feel able to provide‭?  ‬

Are you looking for resources‭?

Most students will adapt to the new circumstances at Queen’s,‭ ‬but some will have a slower or more drawn-out adjustment.‭ ‬This fall,‭ ‬a workshop will be offered to parents and guardians who‭ ‬have concerns‭ ‬about the transition process.‭ ‬It is timed to enable you to evaluate the ease or distress your student may be experiencing as they adjust to Queen’s:‭ ‬they will have been at Queen’s for several weeks,‭ ‬you may have seen your student at Thanksgiving,‭ ‬and they will be beginning midterm exams.‭ ‬Based on your sense of how your student is adjusting,‭ ‬you may wish to take advantage of this unique workshop opportunity.‭

The workshop will aim to address your specific concerns,‭ ‬and enable you to network with other parents having similar experiences and interact with Queen’s staff and faculty who work with first year students.

Presenters will include Dr.‭ ‬Mike Condra,‭ ‬Director of Health,‭ ‬Counselling and Disabilities Services,‭ ‬Professor Jonathan Rose of the Dept.‭ ‬of Political Studies,‭ ‬professional counselling staff,‭ ‬and student volunteers from the Learning Strategies Development program.

This one-day event will provide:

  1. ‬information on
    • typical student development,‭ ‬to help you consider the strengths and challenges of your student
    • characteristics of successful students
    • communicating with your student‭
    • ‭ ‬campus resources

  2. interactions with
    • a professor of first-year students
    • students who struggled...and succeeded in making a positive transition‭

  3. opportunities for group problem-solving,‭ ‬to
    • address common concerns of the participants‭
    • ‭ ‬develop strategies to support your student

“The university experience is an exciting and hopeful one,‭ ‬but also a very difficult one.‭ ‬We want to build capacity among parents and families to support their student’s academic and personal journey.‭”

Dr.‭ ‬Jason Laker,‭ ‬Associate Vice-Principal and Dean of Student Affairs

Workshop Outline

10:00-10:30‭ ‬Registration

10:30-10:45‭ ‬Introductions

10:45-11:15‭ ‬Who are Queen’s Students‭?
by Linda Williams,‭ ‬Program Coordinator,‭ ‬Learning Strategies Development
-typical student development
-assessing your student’s needs

‭ ‬11:15-12:00‭ ‬Characteristics of Successful University Students
-Academic Success,‭ ‬by Dr.‭ ‬Jonathan Rose,‭ ‬Dept.‭ ‬of Political Studies
-Emotional Intelligence,‭ ‬by Elspeth Christie,‭ ‬Outreach Coordinator,‭ ‬Learning Strategies Development

12:00-1pm Lunch

1:00-2:40‭ ‬Managing Transition Issues
-facilitated by Learning Strategies Development and Counselling staff
‭ ‬-information on various Queen’s resources,‭ ‬by Barbara Fretz,‭ ‬Learning Strategies Development counsellor
-group discussion of case studies based on issues provided by participants

2:40-3:00‭ ‬Break

3:00-3:30‭ ‬Enhancing Communication
by Dr.‭ ‬Mike Condra,‭ ‬Director,‭ ‬Health,‭ ‬Counselling and Disability Services
-supporting your student from a distance
-distinguishing minor‭ ‬vs major disruptions
-encouraging students‭’ ‬use of resources

3:30-4:10‭ ‬The Student’s Voice
-facilitated by Liz Racine,‭ ‬Coordinator of Peer Mentor Program
-panel of upper year students sharing their experience with difficult transitions

4:10-4:30‭ ‬Questions,‭ ‬Feedback

Workshop Description

Target audience:‭ ‬parents or guardians who would like to learn more about the process of‭ ‬adjustment to university

Workshop goals:‭ ‬to build the knowledge,‭ ‬skills and confidence in parents to enable them to support their students,‭ ‬or make appropriate referrals to campus resources.

Workshop Format:‭ ‬an interactive mix of presentations,‭ ‬discussions,‭ ‬and activities involving faculty,‭ ‬senior students,‭ ‬counsellors and Learning Strategies Development staff.

Date and Time:‭ ‬10:00‭ – ‬4:30pm,‭ ‬Saturday Nov.‭ ‬7,‭ ‬2009.‭

Location:‭ ‬Ban Righ Hall,‭ ‬lower level,‭ ‬Queen’s University‭ (‬Bader Lane at‭ ‬University Ave‭)‬.‭ ‬Parking is free on any surface parking lot on campus,‭ ‬from Friday‭ ‬5‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬until Monday‭ ‬8‭ ‬a.m.

Cost:‭ ‬$105.00‭ ‬including tax,‭ ‬lunch and refreshments.‭ ‬A limited number of seats are available at reduced cost.‭ ‬Any proceeds will be used to develop the content and improve the accessibility of the Learning Strategies web resources.

Registration Information

Registration period:‭ ‬Sept.‭ ‬28‭ – ‬Oct.23,‭ ‬2009.‭ ‬Enrollment is limited.

How to register:‭ ‬You may register by mail or on-line.‭ ‬Notification of‭ ‬receipt of payment will confirm your registration.‭ ‬Complete the Registration Form on the back of the published brochure,‭ ‬or download the Registration Form on this site.

Payment options:‭ ‬by credit card,‭ ‬or cheque or money order made payable to:‭“‬Queen’s University‭”‬.

Cancellation policy:‭ ‬Cancellations received by Oct.‭ ‬22‭ ‬are eligible for refund minus‭ ‬$50.00‭ ‬for administration costs.

Participant Input Requested:‭ ‬Please describe the transition issues that are concerning you or your student,‭ ‬and their year and area of study.‭ ‬Include them with your registration,‭ ‬or email‭ ‬linda.williams@queensu.ca

Hotel accommodation:‭ ‬information is available on the‭ ‬For Parents web site tab on the Queen’s homepage,‭ ‬under‭ ‬Resources‭ – ‬City of‭ ‬Kingston.‭

For more information,‭ ‬please contact:
Linda Williams,‭ ‬MA Psychol.
Program Coordinator,‭ ‬Learning Strategies Development
phone:‭ ‬613-533-6000‭ ‬ext.‭ ‬74549
email:‭ ‬linda.williams@queensu.ca