Queen's University

For Parents and Guardians

Welcome parents and guardians to the Queen’s University community.‭ ‬As your student begins studying at Queen’s,‭ ‬he or she will engage in a journey marked by intellectual and personal growth that will shape the rest of their life.‭ ‬No doubt your family will have new experiences also.‭ ‬A truly exciting,‭ ‬lonely,‭ ‬fun,‭ ‬challenging,‭ ‬sometimes frightening,‭ ‬exhilarating,‭ ‬self-defining adventure‭!

There are many resources at Queen’s to help students have a positive university experience,‭ ‬but they will look to you for much-valued support.‭ ‬We encourage you to be engaged with your student,‭ ‬especially as they face significant challenges.‭ ‬As they mature,‭ ‬develop good problem-solving skills and become more independent,‭ ‬you can continue to have a significant role to play in encouraging,‭ ‬guiding and being a‭ “‬sounding board‭” ‬for your student.‭

Many of your questions may be answered through the‭ ‬For Parents tab on the Queen’s University homepage,‭ ‬and you may find material on this site helpful in better understanding your student’s experience.

Typical Student Development