Queen's University


Health Service Charges

Price List for Uninsured Services 2012-2013

(Effective July 9, 2012)


Dukoral / Dose $50
Menactra $150
Gardasil / Dose $160
Hepatitis A $80
Rabies Vaccine IM / Dose $250
Twinrix (Hep A & B) $80
Tb Test $20
Typhoid $50
Varilrix (Chicken Pox) $80
Vivaxim (Hep A & Typhoid) $120

Nursing Appointments

10 Minute Appointments $10

Health forms (for academic programs), $20
Including immunization review, Excluding bloodwork and vaccine – Administration not publicly funded 

Longer nursing appointments booked for other reasons will be billed at the rate of $10 / 10 minutes (if missed without 24 hour notice of cancellation they will also be billed at the above rate).

Uninsured Physician Appointments

All uninsured appointments with a physician (not missed) will be billed in accordance with the OMA (Ontario Medical Association) rates as in previous years:

Minor Assessment $39.39
Intermediate assessment $62.19
Psychotherapy per ½ hour $123.13
Mental Health care per ½ hour $123.13
Counselling per ½ hour (e.g. travel) $123.13
Travel Counselling $75.00

Missed appointments

Missed appointments not cancelled with 24 hours notice– rates are based on the Ontario Health Insurance Plan payment rates. If you are late for an appointment and the next appointment time has begun, a missed appointment fee will be charged for the visit.

Physician Appointments missed
10 minute appointment $30.00
20 minute appointment $60.00
Longer appointments missed will be billed at $30.00/10 min.

$60.00/20-30 min.
$120.00/31-60 min.
$180.00/61-90 min.

Uninsured Treatments/Procedures

Genital and plantar wart treatment is covered by OHIP/UHIP. All lesions treated non-surgically for cosmetic purposes including warts, are uninsured $15.00
Excision of single lesion-cosmetic $85.00
Uninsured injections $10.00

Preparation of Documents/Forms

Transfer of records (1-15 pages) $40.00
Photocopying $0.50/pg.

For transfer of larger files or in situations where a record must be reviewed by a physician or consultant, the listed hourly rate and photocopying fees will apply.

Chart Summary:
Family Physician $200.00/hr
Psychiatrist $400.00/hr

Appeal Letters $40.00 (one page letter, < ½ hr. physician time for preparation) otherwise hourly rate applies

Certificate of Health (including examination) $120.00

Driver’s License medical & form $120.00

Pre-employment assessment and certification $120.00

Preparation of miscellaneous medical reports based on hourly rate e.g. medico-legal reports:
Family Physician $200.00/hr.
Psychiatrist $400.00/hr.

Notes for work if deemed appropriate $20.00

*Non medical Appointments with physicians for notes etc. are uninsured by OHIP or UHIP and will be billed at the OMA rates as in the past (see rates above)

Counselling Service Charges

$30.00 is charged for each appointment not cancelled 24 hours in advance, and any future appointments that are already booked may be deleted. You will be notified of the charge by mail; payment may be made at Room 108, 146 Stuart Street (La Salle Building, 1st floor). The Registrar's Office will be notified of outstanding charges, and as with unpaid library fines, your marks will be withheld pending payment. Extenuating circumstances may be discussed with Mike Condra, the director.

Disability Services Charges

There will be a $30.00 charge for a missed appointment without a full 24 hours notice.

There may be a charge from $35.00 - $60.00 for missing an exam. You will need to contact your Instructor as soon as possible.