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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

2015/2016 Courses Offered

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Please note, this list is a tentative list and is subject to change.

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Course Number Course Title


100 Practical Engineering Modules
GEOL 102 Gemstones: Their Art, History and Science
GEOL 104 The Dynamic Earth
GEOL 106 Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards
GEOL / GEOE 107/207 The History of Life
APSC 151 The Earth's Physical Environment
APSC 200 Design course
GEOE 200 Oceanography
GEOL/E 221 Geological Field Methods
GEOL/E 232 Mineralogy
GEOL/E 235 Genesis and Characterisation of Solid Earth Materials
GEOL/E 238 Surficial Processes
GEOL/E 249 Geophysical Characteristics of the Earth
GEOE 262 Geological Aspects of Mineral Deposits
GEOE 281 Earth Systems Engineering I
GEOL/E 282 Earth Systems Engineering II
GEOL 300 Geological Field School
GEOE 300 Geological Field School
GEOL/E 301 Adirondack Field Trip
GEOL 310 3rd year Field School
GEOL/E 319 Applied Geophysics
GEOL/E 321 Analysis of Rock Structures
GEOL/E 333 Terrain Evaluation
GEOL/E 337 Paleontology
GEOL/E 343 Hydrogeology
GEOE 345 Site Investigation
GEOL/E 362 Petrology Applied to Ore Deposits
GEOL/E 365 Geochemical Characterisation of the Earth
GEOL/E 368 Carbonate Sedimentology
GEOE 410 Applied Geological Engineering Field School
GEOE 413 Engineering Geology and Design
GEOL/E 422 Metallogeny and Mineral Exploration
GEOE 446 Engineering Design Project I
GEOE 447 Engineering Design Project II
GEOL/E 452 Instrumental Techniques Applied to the Study of Solids
GEOL/E 475 Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry  
GEOL/E 488 Geology of North America
GEOL 543 Thesis