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Dates Course Instructor Tuition

January 16 - 18

The Geochemistry of Mine Waste

Heather Jamieson

$3,200 + fees

April 28 - 30

Diamond Exploration Herb Helmsteadt $2,000

June 22 - 26

Geospatial Intelligence

Georgia Fotopoulos and Rob Harrap

$3,200 + fees

August 17 - 21

Geology Boot Camp

Doug Archibald

$3,200 + fees

November 9 - 13

Five Hazards in Five Days 

Dave Gauthier and Jean Hutchinson

$3,600 + fees

December 6 - 11

Economic Guidelines for Mineral Exploration

Michael Doggett


$4,400 + HST

December 7-10

Satellite Geophysics 

Alexander Braun

$3,200+ fees


The Geochemistry of Mine Waste
January 15-17, 2016

Heather Jamieson

Surficial Media in aid of mineral Exploration: Practice, Analysis & Application

Dan Layton-­Matthews and Kurt Kyser

Spatial Data Management for Geoscientists Rob Harrap

Hydrothermal Ore Systems‐1

Gema Olivo

Earth Resources and Sustainability

Gema Olivo

Sensors in Geosciences

Matt Lato, Rob Harrap, Georgia Fotopoulos, Alexander Braun

Professional Ethics in Geo-­Engineering: Case Studies and Regulatory Review

Steve Rose


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