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JEOL JXA-8230 Electron Microprobe Lab


The department's JEOL JXA-8230 electron microprobe was installed in 2011 and is available for general use; the instrument is located in Bruce Wing, room 122. Clients from academia and industry are welcomed. Services offered include quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis, backscattered and secondary electron imaging, and X-ray mapping. The instrument is equipped with five two-crystal wavelength dispersive spectrometers and one energy dispersive spectrometer (SDD). Among the five WD spectrometers, one contains large-area LiF and PET diffracting crystals, and one contains “high-intensity” LiF and PET crystals. Two spectrometers contain TAP crystals and LDE “pseudocrystals,” the latter for detection of elements of atomic numbers five through nine.

To schedule time on the instrument, please contact Brian Joy at