Geological Science and Engineering

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Undergraduate studies at Queen's University Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering


Geological Sciences

Students wishing to complete a degree program designed to prepare them for a career or a higher degree in geology are encouraged to select one of the following 4-year Honours degrees:

Degree Description
B.Sc. (​Honours) Major plan is ideal for students who are interested in a career-oriented program in the geosciences that also allows a wide choice of supporting and elective courses.

B.Sc. (Honours, Geological Sciences)

Specialization plan provides the opportunity for a more intensive study of Geology and the supporting sciences. This plan is designed to lead easily to registration as a "Professional Geoscientist", a designation of increasing professional importance.

Geological Engineering

Mineral and Energy Exploration

In this option, students specialize in the exploration for, and environmentally sound and sustainable extraction of, mineral and energy resources from sub-surface deposits. As you may know, Canada is an acknowledged world leader in the understanding and detection of the various types of geological resources (e.g. base and precious metals, construction materials, coal, oil and gas) that are important to our society. Our graduates have undertaken successful and multidisciplinary careers in the mineral industries of this and other countries.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering in the Geological Engineering program focuses on the design of works constructed on, in and through soil and rock materials as well as the identification and remediation of natural hazards such as landslides and earthquakes.

Students specialize in site investigations for, and the design and construction of, various engineering structures and systems, such as dams, power plants, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, and building foundations as well as site selection and design of water supply and waste disposal facilities. Our graduates are also engineering solutions related to natural hazards. Geological Engineering places particular emphasis on the critical influence of the geological history and inherent variability on the engineering properties, future engineering performance and engineering risk related to in-place geo-materials. In addition, interactions between rock, soil and water components are examined in detail.

This combination of skills has been sought after by construction, mining, and consulting companies worldwide.

Geo-Environmental Engineering

In this option, students specialize in the application of engineering and geological principles to environmental problems. This includes the detection, prevention, and remediation of groundwater, soil and rock contamination from a wide range of sources (e.g. mining waste, oil spills), and includes engineering issues related to site selection and preparation for waste management facilities.

Our students obtain a unique knowledge and understanding of the critical role geology plays in the distribution and migration of groundwater and contaminants. Graduates pursue careers in a wide range of industries and institutions including resource companies, governmental bodies, remediation teams and consulting groups.