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Financial Support and Information

DEADLINE for Ontario Graduate Scholarship Applications: March 1, 2015

The Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering is committed to supporting graduate students with a minimum of $21,000/year for Master's students and $23,000/year for Ph.D. students. These amounts include Teaching Assistantships ranging from $1656/term to $2791/term depending on the requirements of the particular course the student is demonstrating. Master's and Ph.D. students are also eligible for Research Assistantships and therefore their annual income is generally higher than the guaranteed minimum. Research Assistantships are in consultation with the student's supervisor. Students should also consult the NSERC (www.nserc.ca) for the current levels of support this agency provides.

Financial support is naturally conditional on a student's continued satisfactory progress, and those students who obtain scholarship funding external to the University (e.g. NSERC) usually do not receive internal scholarship money. They remain, however, eligible for teaching and research assistantships.

Additional financial support to international students may be awarded to exceptional candidates. These additional awards are granted on a competitive basis. Students should consult the School of Graduate Studies website for more information.

Minimum Funding Levels

$21,000/year - MSc domestic for 6 terms (2 yrs)

$21,000/year - MSc international for 6 terms (2 yrs) PLUS an International Tuition Award of $5,000/yr

$23,000/year - PhD domestic for 12 terms (4 yrs)

$23,000/year - PhD international for 12 terms (4 yrs) PLUS an International Tuition Award of $5,000/yr

Please note: - Minimum funding levels apply to all research students within terms of support (M.Sc. and Ph.D.), except the one year (coursework only) M.Sc. students who are completely self funded

Additional Funding Opportunities

Departmental scholarships are currently provided to full-time M.Sc. (research) students for five terms and Ph.D. students may have their money distributed either over nine or twelve terms. After the student's terms of support have been completed the supervisor(s) may choose to continue funding in the form of a research assistantship.

For more funding options, visit the School of Graduate Studies website.