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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

The Geochemistry of Mine Waste  

Short Course: January 16-17-18, 2015

Dr. Heather Jamieson

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Queen’s University, Kingston ON

The demand for metals is increasing faster than global population growth. Although perceived by some as a dirty industry, modern metal mining has developed techniques to minimize the impacts on ecosystems and public health. Canadian scientists have been world leaders in this area. However, thousands of orphaned mines remain a multimillion dollar public liability in Canada. Significant gaps in our understanding of metal leaching mechanisms remain.

This course will expose students to the concepts and the current practice of mine waste management including acid mine drainage, neutral-pH metal leaching, secondary mineral precipitates, prediction and permitting, site remediation, etc. Those who complete this course will have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of mining environmental impact, the scientific principles behind the interaction between mine waste and the surface environment, and the tools (including the speciation software PHREEQC) that professionals use to predict, control, remediate and regulate metal mining activities.  

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Course Fee: $2000 plus GST (no charge for graduate students)