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Dr. Dalrymple Receives Middleton Medal

Bob Dalrymple (center), with CSRG Chair, Liz Turner (PhD,'99) and Rob MacNaughton (PhD,'98) CSRG Treasurer and Bob’s nominator for the award



Dr. Bob Dalrymple received the Middleton Medal at the joint meeting of the Geological Association of Canada (GAC) and the Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) that was held recently in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The Middleton Medal for Sedimentology is awarded biannually by the Canadian Sedimentology Research Group, a division of the GAC, for “an outstanding long-term contribution or a seminal contribution to any aspect of sedimentology by a Canadian or a sedimentology researcher working in Canada”. The medal is named in honour of Gerard V. Middleton, a Canadian pioneer in academic sedimentology, who served as Bob’s Ph.D. supervisor.

The announcement of the award read in part… “It would be nearly impossible to find a scientist studying tidal sedimentation or incised valleys who has not been influenced by Bob Dalrymple’s research. Beginning his career with fundamental studies of tidal sedimentation in the Bay of Fundy, Bob developed a near-magisterial knowledge of tidal sedimentology. His research program has encompassed the gamut of tidal systems, from facies models for tide-dominated deltas to ground-breaking studies of wave-dominated tidal flats. His work on wave- and tide-dominated estuaries and its application to incised-valley depositional systems yielded insights that are widely and successfully applied in petroleum exploration.”

The citation itself read: “For his fundamental contributions to the sedimentology of tidal systems and incised valleys, and for his broader contributions in research, education, and service, Bob Dalrymple is a worthy recipient of the Middleton Medal.”


Front and reverse of the medal