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2017 Issue 3: Science on a small scale

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E.g., 2017-11-20
[graphic for new magazine app]
QUAA president's message]
[Ex libris]
[Your global alumni network]
[Workers are tearing out stone that has filled these window frames since 1970. New heritage-style glass windows will be installed by December.]
[photo of a miniature figure reading a dictionary]
[leaves and ivy]
[Photo of Praveen Jain and Marko Krstic at the ePOWER lab at Queen's.]
[Illustration of a locust driving a car]
A light micrograph of a fruit fly
[Photo of a drop of water on a superhydrophobic surface.]
[stained glass window]
[stained glass window]
[photo of George Andrew]
[computers in 1968]