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Queen's University

Year-End Carry Forwards

Non-Central Academic Operating Units

The in year surplus/(deficit) for all Academic operating units are carried forward and distributed as directed by the appropriate Dean.

Non-Central Administrative Operating Units

The in year surplus/(deficit) for all non-academic administrative units are carried forward and distributed as directed by the appropriate Vice-Principal. Certain Departments/Programs which are part of the operating fund and are administered by non-academic departments but are not part of the discretionary operations of that department, lapse to surplus/deficit. These include:

  • fringe benefits
  • utilities
  • taxes
  • insurance
  • professional fees, memberships
  • banking and related fees
  • expenditures of the Principal's office
  • building rental
  • convocations, elections
  • certain projects which ended in the current year
  • write offs
  • Student Health Services

Certain departments which have multi-year budgets or are subject to some special budgetary provision, carry forward to themselves. These include:

  • external grants (e.g. disability, counselling, etc.)
  • computing maintenance and upgrades
  • library acquisitions
  • University project initiatives which did not end during the current year (various task forces, searched for Dean's and VP's)
  • Salary Anomaly funding
  • Vice-Principal's contingency accounts carry forward to the vice-Principals as a group.

Ancillary Operations

The balance in ancillary operations s is carried forward to a segregated surplus (or deficit) account which is under the control of the appropriate Vice-Principal. Use of these funds requires Vice-Principal approval. 

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