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Queen's University

Travel Advances / Cash Advances for Travel

A Travel Advance is a loan given to a traveller to cover out-of-pocket costs of approved business travel.  A Travel Advance is not the same as a Travel Award.  All travel advance amounts issued are considered by Queen’s to be amounts receivable from the recipient until the travel advance has been accounted for.

Upon return from the trip, the traveller must account for the advance by completing and submitting an Expense Report (ERS) or a Travel Expense claim form (paper process) within 15 days of the travel return date).

If the traveller’s verified travel costs are in excess of the advanced amount, the additional costs will be paid to the claimant (subject to the appropriate approvals).

Any unused portion of the advance must returned to Financial Services in the form of a personal cheque made payable to Queen’s University.

Please note that the following document relates to Travel Advances only.  For questions regarding other types of advances, such as Subject Payments, please refer to the guidance provided for these specific topics on the Financial Services website.

  • Advances are issued in Canadian funds only and should not be requested for an amount less than $1,000.00.
  • Requests for travel advances must be submitted far enough in advance of the trip to allow sufficient time for Financial Services to process the payment.  Travel Advance Requests with correct information and approval are processed within 5 business days from receipt.  Please note that those paid by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) may require 2-3 business days for the bank to process the transaction into the payee’s account.
  • A person cannot approve a travel advance for him/herself.  All requisitions must be authorized by one-over-one approval.
  • A Travel Advance will not be issued if the individual currently has an advance outstanding that is overdue. This would include any situations where the current date is more than 15 business days after the specified End Date for a trip covered by previous advance, which has not yet been accounted for.

- An advance issued through the paper process must be accounted for with a paper travel claim and those issued through the ERS must be accounted for through the ERS. 
- If an advance is not required for the purpose or the period for which it is issued, the advance should be returned immediately to Financial Services by cheque, payable to Queen’s University.  Please make sure to indicate on the cheque that it is a return of an unused travel advance.

For any questions regarding this process, please contact Financial Services at 613-533-2050 or send an email to

Cash Advance for Travel - Expense Reimbursement System (ERS)

Starting May 4, 2015, all faculty and staff requesting travel advances must do so through the ERS.

  1. In the ERS go to Request > New Request
  2. Fill in the required fields (red line beside field) for the Request Header and the Cash Advance Amount field, click Save
  3. Enter estimated expenses information in the Segments tab.  For other expenses types not listed under the Segments tab, click on the Expenses tab and enter the estimated expenses using the expense types listed
  4. Click the Submit Request button 
  5. If a default approver has not been set up, select the Approver for the request and then click Submit Request again

Travel Advance - Paper Process

To request a travel advance, the traveller will need to submit an approved Travel Expense/Advance form which will be processed and paid out by Financial Services.  At the top of the Travel Expense/Advance form the radio button for Travel Advance must be selected.

Required fields on this form include:

  • Payee Name
  • Employee ID Number 
  • Start Date and End Date of trip
  • Travel Location(s)
  • Nature of Travel (why the payee is travelling)
  • Amount Requested
  • Account Information

- The Travel Advance Request cannot be processed if the required information is not provided on the form submitted. 
- Financial Services will follow up any overdue travel advance amounts on a monthly basis with the approver of the advance and/or the Business Officer in the department/faculty as required.


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