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ERS (Expense Reimbursement System)

Establishing a delegate to prepare your expense claim or travel request in the ERS is optional.  By establishing a delegate, you provide the delegate with access and your consent to view all information in your “My Profile” page.

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Queen’s to Roll-out a New Expense Reimbursement System (ERS) in 2015

Benefits of the ERS

Starting early in 2015 the new, automated system will become available for travel advances and expense claims.  The ERS is expected to deliver benefits to all staff, faculty and students (when students are included in the ERS later in 2015) at Queen’s University.  Benefits to be realized for everyone include:

  • Partial return to Per Diems - The ERS will allow a partial return to per diems for non-Ontario government funded research travel. The ability to use per diems has been the most-requested change to the current travel expenses process.
  • Faster payment times – The experience of other Canadian Universities that have already implemented an automated travel and expense solution from Concur (the vendor providing Queen’s ERS)  is that payment times have been reduced from a couple of weeks under their paper-based, manual process to a few days under the automated system provided by Concur.
  • Transparency – Every member of staff and Faculty at Queen’s will have an account on the ERS and will be able to log-in 24/7 over the internet using a computer, tablet or smartphone to see what the current status is of their cash advance request and/or expense report.  The status of the request/claim at each stage (submission, approval, processing and payment) will be accessible from the ERS.
  • Automated calculation of foreign currency conversions – Based on the country that the expense was incurred, the ERS will automatically calculate the foreign currency conversion to Canadian dollars using the appropriate exchange rate on that day.
  • Allocating Expenses – Individual expense items or entire expense reports can be easily allocated to multiple Funds, Departments and if applicable Projects, Programs and Class.
  • Approve expense reports while travelling – Approvers can access expense reports including the receipt images while away from the office either using the Concur mobile application or by logging into the ERS via a web browser. 
  • Delegation – Delegates can be assigned to prepare expense reports.  Approvers can delegate their Approval authority when on vacation or when otherwise unavailable.

New Expense Reimbursement System

The current manual, paper-based process for creating, submitting, reviewing, approving and processing travel and expense claims has many challenges.  It is inefficient, results in long reimbursement cycles, and is prone to error. 

Queen’s is in the process of implementing a new, automated expense reimbursement system. The new system will offer a convenient and transparent process for creating, submitting and approving travel and expense claims and will allow claimants and their delegates to see exactly where a claim is in the process. 

Starting early in 2015 the new, automated system will become available for people to use for travel advances and expense claims and will allow for the partial return to per diems for non-Ontario Government-funded research travel.

The move to the new system has been partially funded by the Government of Ontario through a Productivity and Innovation Grant. After a thorough request for proposals (RFP) process, the RFP evaluation committee unanimously selected Concur to provide the new travel and expense system.

About the new system

After a thorough request for proposals (RFP) process for an expense reimbursement system vendor, the RFP’s evaluation committee unanimously selected Concur, a leading provider with more than 20,000 clients and 25 million users world-wide. It has extensive experience in the higher education sector, and a number of Canadian universities, including the universities of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the University of Waterloo and York University, already use Concur’s automated travel and expense system. Others have recently signed on.

The new system will replace the university’s paper-based expense claim system and provide a range of benefits to users.

Overview of the ERS

8-steps to Create an Expense Report



Pilot users of the ERS have been identified. The pilot will begin in January/February 2015 and the phased rollout will continue throughout the following few of months.


Training and Support


Starting in February 2015, extensive on-line and classroom training will be available for new users and administrators who prepare expense reports as well as the people who review and approve expense reports.  Trained, power users within each of the Faculties and Schools will also be identified and will be available for support.  Email and telephone support will also be provided by the Queen’s Project Team.  The Vendor of the ERS (Concur) will provide all Queen’s staff and faculty with 24/7, global, multi-lingual, technical support. 



Steering Committee and Project Team

Steering Committee:

The purpose of the Travel and Expense Automation Project Steering Committee is to provide high-level guidance, direction and control over the project to implement an automated tool for travel and other expenses.  Members of the Project Steering Committee are: 

  • Heather Woermke, CPA, CA,  Controller, Queen’s University       
  • Steve Millan, CPA, CA, Executive Director, Queen’s School of Business
  • Dr. Randy Ellis, Faculty – School of Computing, Queen’s University
  • Dr. Marc Epprecht, Faculty – Global Development Studies, Queen’s University
  • Julie Anne Matias, CPA, CGA, Budget and Staffing Manager, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University
  • Anthony Overvelde, CPA, CA, Associate Director, General Accounting, Queen’s University
  • Jennifer Mallon, CPA, CMA, Director, Research Accounting, Queen’s University
  • Allan Kilfoyle, Manager, PeopleSoft Systems Analysts and Security, Queen’s University
  • Kellie Hart, CPA, CA, CIA, Manager, Internal Audit, Queen’s University
  • Robert Poole, CPA, CA, M.Eng, PMP, Consultant to the Controller, Queen’s University

Project Team:

The purpose of the Travel and Expense Automation Project Team is to ensure the successful implementation of the ERS at Queen’s University.  Members of the Project Team are:

  • Robert Poole, CPA, CA, M.Eng, PMP, Consultant to the Controller, Queen’s University
  • Tanya Robinson, Financial Systems Analyst, Queen’s University
  • Brenda Wood, Project Support Analyst, Queen’s University


What is an Expense Reimbursement System (ERS)?
An ERS is an automated, end-to-end online system, accessed over the Internet using computers, tablets and smartphones that allows you to create, submit, review and approve expense reports (through internal workflows).  The use of an ERS substantially reduces the time needed for tedious and resource- consuming manual tasks and significantly increases the accuracy of the information that is entered into Queen’s PeopleSoft Financial System.

What is Concur?
Concur is the company (vendor) that provides the Electronic Reimbursement System to Queen’s University.

Who can use the ERS?
Initially the ERS will only be available to Queen’s staff and faculty.    Access to the ERS by students will be added in the summer of 2015.

Do I have to use the ERS?
The use of the ERS will be required to receive per diems or travel cash advances for staff and faculty.  Students will be added to the ERS in the summer of 2015. If you are not able to or you are uncomfortable with using the ERS, please contact Financial Services to make other arrangements to submit your expenses.

Why should I use the ERS?
The system replaces the current, manual, paper intensive process with an automated, electronic process.  The ERS will provide a faster and more convenient approach to process expense reports – including the ability to track claims throughout the process, the automated calculation of currency conversions and mileage reporting and the system is accessible via the web 24/7.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes. Concur for Mobile and ExpenseIt are available for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android devices. Please note that current BlackBerry operating system versions are not supported at this time.

What is “workflow”?
Workflow refers to the automatic routing of information (e.g. your expense report), usually with email notification, to an appropriate signing authority. This process provides an end-to-end paperless solution.

What browsers can be used for the ERS?
Firefox 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0, Google Chrome 14.0, 15.0 and 16.0, Internet Explorer  8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 Safari 4.1.3, 5.0.5 and 5.1

What sorts of expense will the new system be used for?
The new ERS will be used for travel advances, travel reimbursement, professional expense reimbursement and other out-of-pocket expense claims, including those associated with research grants.

Will I have to provide my credit card or banking information?
No, you will not be required to provide your credit card or banking information via the ERS system. You will be reimbursed the same way that you are currently reimbursed (using direct deposit). Your direct deposit information, which is currently stored securely on Queen’s PeopleSoft system will remain there.

What if my credit card number appears on a receipt?
If your credit card number appears on a receipt that you need to submit via the ERS, you may black out that information before you submit that receipt electronically.


We are very interested in hearing your thoughts, comments and questions on the ERS.  Please feel free to email us at:


call the Project Office at 613-533-6000 ext. 74170

For additional information, please visit the Project Portfolio Office website at

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000