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About Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

Mission Statement

Four Directions Aboriginal Students Centre seeks to enhance the development and well-being of the Queen's University Aboriginal Community. Four Directions welcomes and encourages all students to develop an awareness and appreciation of the Aboriginal experience in Canada. In keeping with the teachings of the Four Directions, The Centre strives to support individual Aboriginal Students in balancing their academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Mental (Learning)

Physical (Body)[image of quill wheel]Spiritual(Self)

 Emotional (Feeling)

Holistic Approach

Each part is a state of being and in order for an individual to feel well, all of these areas should be in balance. Being healthy is attained by facing issues concerning all aspects of the self. When there is an imbalance, wellness is not achievable.

Many Aboriginal cultures believe spirituality is important to take into consideration in achieving balance of the human condition and is a significant part of many Aboriginal traditional ways, customs, and values.

Critical Social Work, 2006 Vol. 7 No. 1, Laura Verniest

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