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Moon Ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony – When the moon is full, a woman can do a ceremony to honour and seek guidance from Grandmother Moon. The ceremony may differ from place to place. It is held either on the Full Moon or two days before or after the Full Moon, depending on the teachings given to the women in a particular community. Women gather in a circle, from youngest to oldest, representing the life journey from infancy to old age. Women can ask Grandmother Moon for direction in life, for wisdom, and for help for her children and others. Grandmother Moon can give her healing and balancing energy to women. They drum and sing. Tobacco is placed in the fire and the women ask for the cleansing of the earth, as the water, the lakes, rivers and oceans constitute women’s responsibility. Women bring a container of water and pour this water into a bowl and offer it to Grandmother Moon and to Mother Earth. At the end of the ceremony, the water, now called moon water, can be used as a medicine during the month.  By Anishnawbe Health Toronto

Women please join on us  at the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre for a ceremony honouring Grandmother Moon!

Please bring tobacco, water and a potluck dish to share with the women. Wear a skirt and warm clothes. Also bring your hand drum if you wish to share a song.

 Some teachings say that when the moon is full, women can ask Grandmother Moon to give them new energy.


[picture of full moon]

Full moon
Source: Wikipedia

2014 Dates for the ceremonies:

  •  Wednesday, February 12 @ 6pm
  • Monday, March 17th @ 6pm
  • Wednesday, April 16th @ 6pm
  • Wednesday, May 14th @ 6pm
  • Thursday, June 12th @ 7pm
  • Thursday, July 10th @ 7pm
  • Monday, August 11th @ 7pm
  • Monday, September 8th @ 7pm
  • Wednesday, October 8th @ 6pm
  • Thursday, November 6th @ 6pm
  • Monday, December 8th @ 6pm
  • Monday, January 5th (2015) @ 6pm


























    Moon Ceremonies from the Circle of Turtle Lodge  Grandmother Moon

    Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000