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How to use Queen's Events Calendar

Viewing by day, week, month, year

Find events and important dates listed on Queen's Events Calendar by selecting a day, week, month, or year view, and then selecting a particular event to find more detailed information about that event.

[example of the range of views]

List view versus calendar view

You can view event listings either in a calendar style or a list style by selecting the calendar view icon or, list view icon which appear on the right side of the calendar interface underneath the calendar date. (Either one or the other button is available depending on which view you are already in.)

[calendar view button] [list view button]

How to find event details: Calendar view

[calendar view details]

Find event time, location and calendar details by "hovering" over the event with your mouse. Find more details about the event, including contact info and links, by clicking on the listing.

How to find event details: List view (summary list view versus detailed list view)

If you select the list view (see "List view versus calendar view" above), you can then choose between a "Summary" list view button (the default)

[example of a summary list view]

or, the "Detailed" list view button

[example of a detailed list view]

Again, find more details about the event, including contact info and links, by clicking on the listing.

Navigation arrows

[image of navigation arrows]

Use the navigation arrows that appear to the left of the calendar display date to move forward and back through calendar dates.

If you are in the "Week" view, the arrows will move through weeks, if you are in the "Day" view they will move through days (and so on for the "Month" view and "Year" view as well).

Date selection tools

[example of a date selection tool]

Go right to a date by using the drop down menu for month, day and year (the options vary depending on whether you are in the day, week, month or year view). For a quick link back to today's display (in either the day, week, month, or year view), select the "Today" icon to the left of the drop down menu.

Calendar layers

The Events Calendar consists of both individual calendars and categories of calendars that can be viewed on their own, in general categories, or all together.

To view all the available calendars, select "available calendars" in the calendar interface.

[image showing available calendars link on calendar interface]

Calendar views

The current "default view" of the calendar shows "All Campus Events," which excludes faith date listings.

[image of calendar views dropdown list]

The Faith Dates view and aggregated views of, for example, lectures or arts events, can be selected from the dropdown list.

RSS feeds

You can access the Events Calendar in RSS format. This is an XML-formatted feed that you can display on your own web site or read using an RSS reader.