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Who can post an event?

Generally, all Queen's faculty and staff and students are encouraged to have their Queen's events posted on the Campus Events Calendar. Access to the calendar admin area is granted at the discretion of the calendar manager.

How can I get a user name and password?

Authorization to post events can be given to faculty, staff, and elected members/representatives of the student government/student groups. Contact the Events Calendar Administrator at web@queensu.ca, and with your request, please include the following information:

  • NET ID (your Queen's user name or "LDAP". Don't include your password):
  • RELATIONSHIP TO QUEEN'S (faculty, staff, student):

Student government calendars

Undergraduate students who would like to have an event posted within the AMS area of the calendar (includes ASUS, COMSOC, CESA, ENGSOC, LSS, MCRC, NSS, and RTS) should forward event details to: communications@ams.queensu.ca.

Graduate and professional students who would like to have an event posted within the SGPS area calendar, should forward event details to info@sgps.ca.

Why isn't there a calendar layer for my area?

New calendar "layers" can be added as required.

Linking to the Queen's Events Calendar

  • The Events Calendar URL is http://eventscalendar.queensu.ca.
  • Link to a specific calendar by right-clicking on the link in the available calendars list, and choose "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" (depending on your choice of browser).
  • Tip: when adding the link within your HTML, change ampersands that appear in the URL to the character code "&".
  • Linking to specific views (day, week, month, year) is also possible. Please contact the Events Calendar Manager for assistance.

Download the events calendar graphic

[events calendar graphic]

To download the events calendar for use on your website, hover over the image above, right-click, and save the image to your computer. Please do not alter the image.

How to post an event

  • Log in to the Admin area using your user name (your net id) and calendar password.
  • From the Main Menu, select "Add" from the Event options, and fill out the required form fields.
  • Finish by selecting "Add Event" at the bottom of the page.
  • If you do not fill in all the required fields, you will get an error message at the top of the page indicating what you have omitted.

[image of an error message]

N.B. The "Contact" and "Location" fields are dropdown lists. If the appropriate info does not appear, you can temporarily select one from the available list to complete your event entry, then edit your event after you have added the required contact/location info through the Main Menu options.

For more detailed instructions and tips, please go to the Adding Events page.