Introductory Courses

Queen's Department of English offers two first-year courses, English 100 and English 160. The first course, English 100, is a prerequisite for any student who plans on registering in an English Plan (major, medial, or minor), and it is primarily intended for first-year students. A minimum grade of C in this gateway course qualifies a student to take further English courses at the 200 level. English 160, by contrast, is an introductory course for students who are not registered in an English Plan: enrolment preference for this course is given to upper-year students, and it cannot serve as a prerequisite for more advanced work in English.

Both of these introductory courses emphasize the development of expository and argumentative writing skills. Students are normally required to write five or six essays over the course of the year and a three-hour final examination.

Note for students enrolling in an English Plan: Prospective Majors require a minimum grade of B- in ENGL100/6.0 to be accepted into the English Plan, and Medials and Minors require a B. Students with a C+ in ENGL100/6.0 may be placed on the "pending" list, and may be accepted into the English Plan if space is available.

ENGL 100/6.0: Introduction to Literary Study

English 100 is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to register in an English Plan (major, medial, minor), and it is also a prerequisite for anyone wishing to take English courses at the 200 level. This genre-based course provides an introduction to literary study, with an emphasis on the formal analysis of an historically and geographically diverse range of poetry and prose. Three sections of English 100 are offered each year, and the reading lists vary; students should therefore wait to buy textbooks until they have attended the first class for their section. Although specific content and approach vary from section to section, in each section poetry makes up approximately 50% of the content, with the other 50% devoted to a variety of fictional and non-fictional prose forms (including drama). All sections share the goals of developing sensitivity to genre and providing students with a set of literary terms and critical techniques as a foundation for further literary study. Critical writing skills are promoted in weekly tutorials that supplement the two weekly hour-long lectures. Lectures average about 240 students each, while the tutorials are small discussion groups of no more than 30 students.

ENGL 160/6.0: Modern Prose Fiction

A study of novels and short stories by twentieth-century British, Canadian, and American authors, English 160 is designed for students registered in other Plans who seek an English course out of general interest. Priority is therefore given to upper-year students seeking an elective. Enrolment in English 160 is normally capped at 95 students.

Note: This course is not offered in 2011–12.