If you are in or entering your final year and hope to graduate at the end of it, please read this information carefully. You should also consult the Faculty of Arts and Science web site

Step One: Check Your Eligibility

Run an Academic Advisement Report (AAR). This report helps you to make sure that you’re meeting the requirements for your academic plan(s); it’s also the tool that the Department and Faculty Office use to verify your eligibility to graduate. We don’t rely solely on the AAR, because in some cases it’s not always accurate; there are so many possible combinations of courses and plans that it’s impossible to program them all into SOLUS. The important thing to know is that the AAR never gives false positives, but sometimes gives false negatives. That means that if it tells you that you’ve satisfied all of your requirements, you can trust it 100%. If it tells you that one or more requirements are not satisfied, then you should get in touch with the English Department’s Undergraduate Chair right away so that we can verify whether your AAR is correct, and either fix it if it’s not or advise you on your course selections if it is.

To check your AAR, do the following:

  1. Log on to the SOLUS Student Centre
  2. Find the drop-down menu under the Academics tab, and select “Academic Requirements”
  3. Click the button labelled »

You should do this as soon as possible after you have enrolled in your courses; that way, if there are any problems with your AAR, there will be time to make any necessary adjustments to your enrolments. If you only discover a problem after the end of the Winter Term Open Enrolment period, then there is not much we can do for you.

Please note that to be eligible to graduate, you must satisfy all the requirements of your academic plan (e.g., English Major or Medial), and you must also have the total number of units necessary for your program (114 units for the Honours BA, 90 units for the General BA). If you have satisfied the requirements for your Major or Medial but do not have enough units for the BAH, you will not be eligible to graduate. If you have any questions about your eligibility to graduate, do not hesitate to contact the Undergraduate Chair.

Step Two: Apply to Graduate

This is something you must do in the SOLUS Student Centre; there are complete instructions on the Registrar’s web site. The period during which you can apply to graduate, known as the “application window,” normally extends from December to April before the Spring convocation. Please note one potentially confusing thing: if you plan to graduate during the spring convocation, you will have to select the preceding winter as your expected graduation term. That is, if you plan to graduate in spring 2014, your graduation term is Winter 2014, because that is the term in which you completed your academic requirements.

Step Three: Monitor Your Application

After you apply to graduate, it is vital that you monitor your application, both to verify that the application was properly submitted and to ensure that you receive the correct number of tickets to the convocation ceremony. You do this in SOLUS by clicking the “My Academics” link, and then clicking the “Maintain Convocation Details” link in the Graduation section.

You should first do this immediately after submitting your application; if it was properly submitted, your application status should appear as Applied. Within a few days, it should change to In Review, which means that the Faculty has received your application to graduate is waiting to determine whether you have satisfied all the requirements for your degree. Once the final grades for the Winter Term are submitted, the Department will review all applications to graduate; this happens in early May. If you have met all your requirements, your application status will change to Approved, and you clear to attend the convocation ceremony. You must therefore check your application status in mid-May to make sure that your application status has been updated to Approved.

Taking Courses After You Graduate

If you apply to graduate at the Spring Convocation but wish to take courses during the Summer Term, you must contact the Faculty of Arts and Science (Mac-Corry F200, 613-533-2470) to be admitted to a post-degree program. Once this has been done, you may use SOLUS to enrol in Summer Term courses under the post-degree program. Note that to be eligible to graduate, you must have completed all requirements for your program. If you are taking a summer course to satisfy a final requirement for your program, then you will not be eligible to graduate at the spring convocation.