Grade Calculator

The Department of English follows the Faculty of Arts and Science Policy on Grading. Of the various methods that the Faculty recognizes, the Department implements the one referred to as “mixed marking.” This means that assignments receive the type of mark that instructors deem most appropriate: essays generally receive letter grades, while exams, mid-term tests, and participation generally receive numerical marks.

Since final grades for courses are recorded in letter form, it is necessary to convert letter grades to numbers to calculate the final grade. The English Department uses the Faculty of Arts and Science Letter Grade Input Scheme to perform the calculation. This calculator enables you to calculate a final grade based on any combination of numerical and letter-grade input.

Queen’s Letter Grades

Queen's University letter grade system, with an explanation of what each grade means.

Arts & Science Letter Grade Input Scheme

Numerical equivalents of letter grades for calculating final grades, adopted by the Faculty of Arts and Science Faculty Board on 11 October 2011.

Assignment Name
Mark or GradeOut of (if blank,
100 is assumed)
of Final Grade
Final Grade:
Grade PointDescriptionConsequences of consistent or average performance at that level across all courses
A+90–1004.3Truly exceptional
A85 – 894.0OutstandingMeets standard for the Dean’s Honour List with Distinction (DHL-D: traditionally top 3%)
A-80 – 843.7ExcellentMeets standard for Dean’s Honour List (DHL: traditionally top 20%).
B+77 – 793.3Very good
B73 – 763.0Good
B-70 – 722.7Reasonably good
C+67 – 692.3Acceptable
C63 – 662.0Minimally acceptable (honours)Meets standard for an Honours Degree
C-60 – 621.7Minimally acceptable (general)Meets standard for a General Degree; does not meet standard for an Honours Degree
D+ 57–591.3Unsatisfactory passAcademic Probation and, possibly, further sanctions
D53–561.0Unsatisfactory passAcademic Probation and, possibly, further sanctions
D-50–520.7Unsatisfactory passRequired to withdraw (automatic)
Fbelow 500.0Failure: no course creditRequired to withdraw (automatic)
Assignment GradeNumerical Equivalent
F48 (F+)48
F24 (F)24
F0 (0)0
Note on the three F values:
  • A high F is calculated at 48, high enough that a D- in another equally weighted assignment will pull the final average up to passing
  • A standard F is calculated at 24, and is more difficult to counterbalance by performing well on other assignments
  • A low F is calculated at 0 for assignments not submitted, penalties in cases of departure from academic integrity, or any other circumstance where a 0 would have been assessed under the old numerical marking system
Where no F value is specified, this calculator defaults to F24.