Volume Four

Edited by Frederick Burwick

Articles and Translations from the London Magazine, 1824–25
Historico-Critical Inquiry into the Origins of the Rosicrucians and the Free-Masons
Analects from John Paul Richter
Dream Upon the Universe, from John Paul Richter
The Services of Mr Ricardo to the Science of Political Economy
Dialogues of Three Templars on Political Economy
Education. Plans for the Instruction of Boys in Large Numbers
Kant on National Character, in Relation to the Sense of the Sublime and Beautiful
Abstract of Swedenborgianism: by Immanuel Kant
Goethe [Wilhelm Meister]
Ideas of a Universal History on a Cosmo-Political Plan, by Immanuel Kant
Walladmor: Sir Walter Scott&8217;s German Novel
The Street Companion; or the Young Man&8217;s Guide and the Old Man&8217;s Comfort, in the Choice of Shoes

Walladmor [London: Taylor and Hessey, 1825]

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