Volume Three

Edited by Frederick Burwick

Translation from Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, 1821
The Sport of Fortune

Articles and Translations from the London Magazine, 1821–24
Jean Paul Frederick Richter
The Happy Life of the Parish Priest in Sweden
Last Will and Testament—The House of Weeping
Letters to a Young Man Whose Education has been Neglected

Literature and Authorship
Outline of the Work
On Languages
On Languages [continued]
On the English Notices of Kant

Letter to the Editor [Lion’s Head]
[Anecdotage (Lion’s Head)]
Anecdotage, 1. Miss Hawkins’s Anecdotes
Death of a German Man

Notes from the Pocket Book of a Late Opium-Eater
Anglo-German Dictionaries
Prefiguration of Remote Events
Moral Effects of Revolutions
I. Walking Stewart
II. Malthus / On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth
III English Dictionaries / Reformadoes / Proverbs / Antagonism / To the Lakers / On Suicide
Lion’s Head (Dec.): XYZ’s reply to Hazlitt’s charge of plagiarism in Malthus
IV. False Distinctions / Madness / English Physiology
V. Superficial Knowledge / Manuscripts of Melmoth / Scriptural Allusion Explained
Falsification of the History of England
Mr Schnackenberger; or Two Masters for One Dog
The Dice
The King of Hayti
Measure of Value
The Fatal Marksman
The Incognito; or, Count Fitz-Hum
The Somnambulist

Manuscript Transcripts
On the London Magazine, XYZ
Continuation of the Note On the London magazine, XYZ
Silver plate inscription for Rev. Joshua William Brook
Anna Louise
Vulgar Errors in Political Economy
What is Theory?
Jeremy Taylor
Letters to a Young Man Whose Education has been Neglected

Letter V

The Defier of Ghosts

The Devil’s Ladder from the German of Aloise Schreiber

Explanatory Notes

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