Volume Twenty

Edited by Frederick Burwick, David Groves, Grevel Lindop, Robert Morrison, Julian North, Daniel Sanjiv Roberts, Laura Roman, Barry Symonds

Prefaces etc. to the Collected Editions
Extract from a Letter written by Mr De Quincey to the American Editor of his Works
[Draft Introduction to the Boston edition]
Prefaces etc. from Selections Grave and Gay
I Autobiographic Sketches (1853)


III Miscellanies, Chiefly Narrative (i) (1854)

Postscript [to “System of the Heavens”]
Postscript [to “System of the Heavens”]: A Manuscript
Postscript [to “The Spanish Military Nun”]

IV Miscellanies, Chiefly Narrative (ii) (1854)

Explanatory Notices
Postscript [to “On Murder, Considered as One of the Fine Arts”]

VI Sketches, Critical and Biographic (1857)


VII Studies on Secret Records, Personal and Historic. With Other Papers (1858)

Supplementary Note on the Essenes

VIII Essays Sceptical and Anti-Sceptical, on Problems Neglected or Misconceived (1858)

[Draft Title-Page]

IX Leaders in Literature, with a Notice of Traditional Errors Affecting Them (1858)

Prefatory Notice

X Classic Records Reviewed or Deciphered (1859)


XI Critical Suggestions on Style and Rhetoric, with German Tales, and Other

Narrative Papers (1859)
Prefatory Memoranda

XII Speculations, Literary and Philosophic, with German Tales, and Other

Narrative Papers (i) (1859)
Prefatory Note
Prefatory Note on Coleridge [Manuscript Transcript]
[Draft Preface for a Volume of Selections Grave and Gay]

Published Addenda
From the Westmorland Gazette

Corn Laws (1818)
Whether “Both Ends Meet” in 1819 (1819)
Paper of the Bank of England [I-V] (1819)

From Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine
Observations on The Revolt of Islam (1819)

From the Edinburgh Post
The Public Amusements (1827)
[Michael Scott] (1827)
[Religious Pamphleteers] (1828)
[Historic Survey of German Poetry] (1828)


Manuscript Addenda
To the Editor of the Westmorland Gazette (c.1819)
[Winter Evening’s Employment for Persons of All Rank] (c. 1819)
[The Westmorland Laker] (c. 1821)
[Lord Castlereagh and Westmorland] (c. 1821)
[List of Periodicals] (1828)
[The House of Commons] (c. 1835)
[French Books] (c. 1836)
[Letters on Literature] (c. 1837–45)
[Commercial Almanac] (c. 1839)
[Those Who Travel in Caravans] (1840–1)
[Ethics] (1841)
[Forgery] (c. 1841)
On the Working Population of Great Britain in Relation to the Political Prospects of the Land (1842)
[The Truth] (c. 1842)
A Review of a Philosophical Paper by Mr. Ferrier (c. 1842)
[Notes on Political Economy] (1842–3)
On Hogarth’s Funeral in the Harlot’s Progress as Noted by Lamb (1843)
[The Physical and the Moral] (1843)
[Agriculture and War] (1844)
[Dining Out] (1848)
[Loose Thoughts on Punctuation] (1850)
[A Sketch from Childhood] (1851)
[Rhabdomancy] (1856)
[The Lake Dialect] (1856–7)
[Pink Was the Man] (1857)

Undatable Manuscripts
In Private Collections

[Cyrus of Elam]
[Mora Alexandrina]

In the Berg Collection

[An Advocate Has Two Functions]
[God’s Words]
[Greek and Hebrew]
[My Mother]
In the Bodleian Library
[Irritation of the Mind]
[No Age Can be Clear to Itself]
[The Mass]
[Varieties of Conversation]
[2 or 3 Branches of Study]
[By the Way, Mr. Foreigner]
In the Folger Shakespeare Library
Shakspeare and Wordsworth

In the Georgetown University Library

[Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Four Manuscript Fragments]
[The Grecian Glories]
[Outward Shows]

In the Harvard University Library


In the National Library of Scotland

[In Isis]
[A Standing Jest]

In the Library of the University of Texas

[Cause of the Novel’s Decline]
[Population and Produce]

In the Library of Worcester College, Oxford


In the Wordsworth Library, Grasmere

[Cannot We Abstract?]
[Sylvia Drowned]
[Three Men of Genius]
[The Literature of Knowledge and the Literature of Power]
[Lord Byron]
[On Human Progress]
[Verbal Inspiration]

In Various Libraries

[Fragments on Christianity]

Explanatory Notes

Textual Notes

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