Volume Nineteen

Edited by Daniel Sanjiv Roberts

Autobiographic Sketches, Volume I (1853)
I. The Affliction of Childhood

Dream-Echoes of these Infant Experiences
Dream-Echoes Fifty Years Later

II. Introduction to the World of Strife
III. Infant Literature
IV. The Female Infidel
V. I am Introduced to the Warfare of a Public School
VI. I Enter the World
VII. The Nation of London
VIII. Dublin
IX. First Rebellion
X. French Invasion of Ireland, and Second Rebellion
XI. Travelling
XII. My Brother
XIII. Premature Manhood

Autobiographic Sketches, Volume II (1854)
I. Laxton:

Section I: Cymon and Iphigenia
Section II: The Orphan Heiresses
Section III: Female Students in Theology

II. The Priory
III. Early Memorials of Grasmere
IV. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
V. William Wordsworth
VI. William Wordsworth and Robert Southey

Note [on Coleridge–s plagiarisms]


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Explanatory Notes

Textual Notes

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