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Thomas De Quincey

The Wordsworth Trust: Thomas De Quincey
Biographies: Thomas De Quincey
Our Civilisation: Thomas De Quincey
The Literary Gothic: Thomas De Quincey
The History of Economic Thought: Thomas De Quincey
An E-text Version of Confessions of an English Opium-Eater
The Pickering and Chatto De Quincey
Portraits of Thomas De Quincey

Thomas Carlyle

The Carlyle Letters Homepage
The Victorian Web: Thomas Carlyle
Portraits of Thomas Carlyle

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Biographies: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Selected Poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Victorian Web: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Portraits of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

William Hazlitt

Biographies: William Hazlitt
University of Toronto English Library Hazlitt Page
The Pickering and Chatto Hazlitt
Portraits of William Hazlitt

John Wilson (“Christopher North”)

The John Wilson Conference: A Report
The Literary Gothic: John Wilson
Portraits of John Wilson

William Wordsworth

Biographies: William Wordsworth
The Lyrical Ballads Bicentenary Project
The Wordsworth Trust
Portraits of William Wordsworth

Nineteenth-century Periodical Press

Digitized Archive of Blackwood's Magazine
The Pickering and Chatto Blackwood’s Magazine
The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

Romantic Sites

North American Society for the Study of Romanticism
Romanticism on the Net
Romantic Circles
Romantic Sites
Voice of the Shuttle: Romantics

Victorian Sites

The Victorian Web
The Victorian Society of America
The Victoria Research Web



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