Graduate News: Publications

Here is a list of some of the publications by current and recent graduate students at the Queen's English Department.

Beukema, Taryn. “Men Negotiating Identity in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth.” Postcolonial Text 4.3 (2008). Web.

Bourget, Jason. “Biological Determinism, Masculine Politics and the Failure of Libertarianism in Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.Foundation 104 (2009): 10–21. Print.

Bourne, Don. “ ‘Eating Away the Frame’: Resistance to Neoliberalism in Laura Elrick’s Fantasies in Permeable Structures.” Rev. of Fantasies in Permeable Structures, by Laura Elrick. West Coast Line 56 (Spring 2008): 83–85. Print.

—–. “ ‘If I Appear to Any One Like a Counterfeit’: Liminality in Rochester’s Alexander Bendo’s Brochure.” Restoration 32.1 (2008): 3–17. Print.

Denike, Jaime. “Reading Animal Agency in Marian Engel’s Bear.” Women Writers across Boundaries. Ed. Asha Choubey. Jaipur: Book Enclave (Forthcoming). Print.

Li Sheung Ying, Melissa. “Reading into the Voice: Representation of the Native Voice in Three Early Twentieth Century Children’s Story Collections.” Knowing Their Place? Intersections of Identity and Space in Children’s Literature. Ed. Dawn Thompson and Terri Doughty. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. Print.

McKendry, Andrew. “The Haphazard Journey of a Mind: Experience and Reflection in Samuel Johnson’s Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland.” Age of Johnson 20.1 (2010): 11–34. Print.

Moore, Daniel. Review of Reuben Sachs: A Sketch by Amy Levy, ed. Susan David Bernstein. Women in Judaism 5.1 (2007). Print.

Schabas, Martha. Various Positions. Doubleday, 2011; Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2012. Print.

Smith, Jordan Rendell. “;9/11 TragiComix: Allegories of National Trauma in Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers.”; Shift 1 (2008). Web.

—–. “Propaganda Will Eat Itself: The Contradictions and Paradoxes of George Orwell and Edward L. Bernays.” Queen's International Observer 7.1 (2011): 3–5, 17–18. Web.

—–. “How Sheila Watson’s The Double Hook Caught On.” Historical Perspectives on Canadian Publishing. McMaster University Library. October 2009.

Smith, Shannon R. “Staging Sport: Dion Boucicault, Victorian Spectacular Theatre, and the Manly Sporting Ideal.” Critical Survey 24.1 (2012): 57–73. Print.

—–. “Rowing as L’Écriture Feminine.” My Life at the Gym: Feminist Perspectives on Community through the Body. Ed. Jo Malin. State University of New York Press, 2008. Print.

—–. Entries on Cyclist, The Racing Times, and The Sportsman in The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism. Ed. Laurel Brake. British Library & Academia Press, 2008. Print.