Financial Support

Graduate Students at Queen's receive financial support from a variety of funding bodies. The Graduate English Society has prepared a detailed list (PDF) of these sources of funding.

International Applicants: Please read this important information about financial costs.



The principal external sources of financial support are the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Master’s Scholarships and Doctoral Awards (available through the “Talent Program”) and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS).

Students from outside Ontario who intend to enter an Ontario university should note that they are eligible for these scholarships, and all applicants are urged to apply for them.


PhD students at Queen's are guaranteed a financial package of at least $20 000 per annum for the first four years of doctoral studies, including a Teaching Assistantship. MA students in the first year of registration are normally provided with award funding in addition to a teaching assistantship. To be considered for financial assistance, a student’s application for admission and all supporting documents must have been received by the deadline of 23 January. No separate application need be made for internal awards. The results are announced in the spring. Tuition remains the responsibility of the student.

Queen's University additional offers a number of discipline-specific awards, fellowships, and other grants and prizes.

For detailed information about internal sources of funding, consult the GES’s Facts on Finances (PDF) and the SGS’s page on funding for graduate students.

Teaching Assistantships

Opportunities for teaching assistantships are available to MA students in the first year of registration and to all PhD students in the first four years of registration. The value of teaching assistantships is currently $5 757.76 for MA students for 19 hours/month, and $6 666.88 for first-year PhD students for 22 hours/month. PhD students in their second and third years may be assigned to ENGL100; they are paid $9 091 for 30 hours/month.

Teaching Fellowships are currently valued at $7 518 per half-course.

More information about Teaching Assistantships

Conference Travel Awards

The Department of English administers conference travel awards to defray travel and registration costs required by its graduate students to present peer-reviewed papers at major professional conferences in their fields. Conference travel awards will be adjudicated based on the relevance of the paper and conference to the applicant’s program of study, the status of the conference in the applicant’s field(s) of professional expertise, and the availability to the applicant of other sources of funding. Should there be more applicants than available funds, priority will be given to applicants who are not holders of major awards such as SSHRC. For complete details and award amounts for the current academic year, see the application form (PDF).