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The Queen's Pedagogy Commons is a webpage for the dissemination of pedagogical essays that focus on the specific challenges facing graduate students and professionalization. We are working to bring together a broad set of research interests and produce a self generating archive of material for graduate students seeking to learn about teaching. The website is designed and administered by the Graduate English Society at Queen's University.

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  Volume 1, Issue 2

  Introduction [pdf.]

Matthew Scribner
The Role of Translations in Teaching the History of English Literature   [pdf.]

  Laura Kinderman
Opening the Door to Discord: Emotional Vulnerability in Teaching         Literature [pdf.]

  Jelena Marelj
The Classroom Debate as a Critical Thinking Strategy [pdf.]

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  Volume 1, Issue 1

  Introduction [pdf.]

Ben Bakhtiarynia 
Book Review: Carl Honoré's Under Pressure: Rescuing Our Children       from the Culture of Hyper-Parenting [pdf.]

Aaron Mauro
An Ethics of Convenience: Face-to-Face Student Consultations and      Virtual Learning [pdf.]

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