English Department Student Council
Information for DSC Representatives

Hi all class reps! Remember that information package we gave you at our meeting? If not, then this page is the place for you.

Your Role as a Class Rep

Class reps act as liaisons between the DSC and their classes, and between their classes and their professors; they also announce upcoming events, administer instructor evaluations (USAT Forms), and attend and assist at the DSC’s social functions.

Reps are the “go-to people” should any student have a problem with his or her professor. If a student is afraid of bringing up an issue with a professor, he or she is encouraged to tell his or her DSC rep. The rep, in turn, may notify the DSC Co-Chairs (either Eric or Pam), and we will approach the department directly. This, of course, is an anonymous process.

USAT Forms: Instructor Evaluations

USAT evaluations are designed to evaluate each individual course/section/instructor, and are simply Scantron forms with specific questions and room to comment. The most vital aspect of your role as a DSC rep is to administer these evaluations in your classes, in November for fall term courses, and in March for fall-winter and winter term courses. We will let you know when to pick up the forms from Sherril Barr, the Undergraduate Secretary (middle desk in the English Office, 4th floor, Watson Hall).

The forms will be in an envelope marked with your course code. Arrange an appropriate date with your professor for the evaluation to take place (s/he will come late to class on the day, or will come and stand out in the hall). You are required to hand out the forms and explain the rules to the students (i.e. fill in the Scantron bubbles on the front using pencil or blue/black ink, be sure to include written comments on the back). There will be a more complete list of instructions in the envelope with the forms. Collect all the forms after about 15 minutes, seal them in the envelope, and return to Sherril soon thereafter.

Informal Mid-Year Evaluations

It is customary to ask professors in late November (for FW classes only) if they would like you to offer an informal mid-year evaluation. If they would like you to do so, arrange a date, and either have the professor provide a list of questions in advance, or if they would prefer, prepare a list yourself of common questions (regarding reading load, class participation, whether students feel they are getting enough out of the course, whether the professor is available for discussion, comments about the TAs, etc.).

The day of the scheduled evaluation, ask every student to take out a sheet of paper and respond to the questions provided (again, the professor should not be in the room). Gather the evaluations and type/write a list of the most common responses (e.g. most people would like to see more poetry on the curriculum, students with a specific TA feel that they are not receiving enough comments on their papers, etc.) and give this summary to the professor. Never give the professor the students’ original pieces of paper (and be sure to inform students that you will not do this so that they reply honestly).

English Buddies

The buddy program pairs first-year students with upper-year English students. Upper-year students offer their buddies advice about their papers, course selection for second year, and the distribution requirements of English major, medial, and minor degrees.

English DSC Bake Sales

The English DSC will be holding 2–3 bake sales this year at various times and locations. We always need help baking so we encourage you, your friends and classmates to assist with the baking for at least one bake sale during the year. The funds raised by bake sales help to subsidize DSC events and to fund local literacy groups. Thanks for your support!

Essay-Writing Help at the Writing Centre

Finally, please tell your classes about the wonderful help offered at the Writing Centre (now located in Stauffer Library). For more information, contact 533-6315 or writing@queensu.ca, or visit their website at http://www.queensu.ca/writingcentre/.