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Queen's University

Past Experiences

Following are some testimonials from students enrolled in DEVS 305 in past years:

Nilani Loganathan:

"The best way to learn about a country is by actually going there! For this reason, studying about Cuba at the University of Havana with lectures by Cuban professors provided students with an unforgettable understanding of Cuban life."

Jason Dudek:

"So I left Havana with more questions than I arrived with. Better questions. I left armed with the awareness that I will always be making assumptions in a conscious inquiry, and that perhaps the best way to address these assumptions is to experience rather than inquire. It was not the inquiry , nor the judgements I attempted, that yielded me my current understanding of Cuba. Instead, it was the conversations, the simple unassuming experiences and the relationships with the people that had profound effect on my understanding of what Cuba offers questions of development: a source of experience and alternative approach that can rejuvenate and clarify philosophical issues in Global Development."

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