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Queen's University

Department of Global Development Studies

Financial Support

Financial support will be provided for students enrolled in the one-year course-based program. The current minimum level of funding is approximately $14,000 for the academic year September 1 – August 31. There is no guarantee that the stipend will remain at this level in future years.

We advise qualified students (those who are Canadian citizens and permanent residents with averages of at least A-/ 80%/3.7GPA in their last two years of study)  to apply for SSHRC master’s scholarships in the fall prior to submitting their applications to the DEVS MA Program (the SSHRC deadline is normally December 1).  We also advise you to apply for OGS fundingas part of your application (deadline January 31).

For students converting to the research-based option, the Department will endeavour to provide funding for the second year, but cannot guarantee second-year funding. Students are encouraged to prepare early in the fall for their application to convert to the thesis option, and to apply for external scholarships (e.g. SSHRC) at this time. Eligible continuing students are also encouraged to apply for OGS scholarships in January, at the time of submitting their application for the thesis option.

Resources for stipends are derived from a combination of Queen's Graduate Awards (QGAs), teaching assistantships (TA-ships) in the department's undergraduate courses, contributions from research grants and contracts, internal scholarships and awards, and external scholarships and awards. Awards are typically paid in three equal instalments throughout the year; TA-ship salaries are paid monthly.

Students are automatically considered for QGA funding and TA-ships when accepted each academic year. TA-ships require up to a maximum of 10 hours a week of tutorial leadership, preparation, marking, and other duties. A normal load would be two TA-ships but this may be reduced subsequent to the initial offer (for example, in the case of a student winning additional internal or external awards). TA-ships are regarded as both a source of funding and as an important element in the student's career development.

Winners of Queen’s internal graduate fellowships receive at minimum the fellowship and one teaching assistantship. Most fellowships are currently valued at $10,000. Students who win major external awards such as SSHRC or OGS, will receive at minimum that award plus a teaching or a research assistantship. Please ensure that the Graduate Office is notified of any external scholarship.

All Queen's graduate students in the first year of their program who bring new funding from one of Canada's three granting councils automatically receive a $5,000 Tri-Council Award as a top-up from the University. The $5,000 award is provided automatically and no application is needed. Queen’s provides the Tri-Council Award to new grant holders who are incoming graduate students, as a way of both supporting and applauding these students for choosing Queen's for their graduate studies. In addition, the Department will endeavour (but cannot guarantee) to provide top-up funding to other internal and external award winners, and to make every attempt to ensure our offers are fully competitive with other Canadian universities.

Students must take the initiative to apply for external scholarships (e.g. SSHRC and OGS), and the Department will endeavour to keep all students informed of opportunities. Some ideas for external funding can be found on, but there are many others through individual ministries, governments or embassies, development-oriented NGO's and charitable organizations.

Financial support is guaranteed for the one-year course-based option and for the first year of the thesis-focused option.


For information on  fees at Queen's University, visit the following Office of the University Registrar web page:


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