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Finding a supervisor

Students should begin the process of finding a supervisor early in the degree program.

As a starting point, you should review the website listing of DEVS faculty and their primary areas of expertise and research interests.  In any given years some faculty may be on leave, so it is important to make sure who is available for supervision.  If in doubt, contact the Graduate Assistant.

In the event that you consider that your most appropriate supervisor is a faculty member from outside the DEVS Department, you should discuss this with the Graduate Chair early in the process.  It is more usual for external faculty members to serve as MRP second readers or thesis committee members rather than primary supervisors.

MRP students are encouraged to talk with all suitable faculty members and work out a supervising arrangement by January 15.  If you have difficulty in finding an appropriate MRP supervisor, you should talk to the Graduate Chair well before the deadline, so that a solution can be found.

If you intend to apply for the thesis stream you should identify a supervisor early in the fall term.  This will allow time to develop a thesis proposal to include with the thesis stream application, also due on January 15, and to apply for external scholarships.

On confirming the supervisory relationship, student and supervisor will come to an agreement on goals and deadlines necessary for producing the final MRP or thesis.  While each project and supervisory relationship is necessarily different, it is expected that students and supervisors will establish a clear timeline that details the dates and expectations for each step towards completion.  On agreeing to such a schedule, students are required to respect the deadlines and protocol of submitting draft work.  Supervisors are likewise expected to review submitted draft work in a timely fashion.  If either student or supervisor needs to deviate from the work schedule, this must be done in full consultation prior to the deadline itself.  Failure to respect this protocol may require the intervention of the Graduate Chair.


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