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Queen's University

Adam Davidson-Harden


Term Adjunct, Global Develpment Studies
PhD (Education) University of Western Ontario
phone: x 33301
fax: 613-533-2986

Global Development Studies
Mac-Corry A419
Office hours TBD

Research Interests:

All of my research revolves around critical interrogations of neoliberalism as a policy discourse (or 'regime of truth', in Foucault's terms).  My postdoctoral work looked at universities under knowledge capitalism and talk of the 'knowledge economy', and focused on three public universities in Ontario.  In the field of education and social policy, I have published work linking neoliberal discourse and political practice to the OECD as well as current global regimes of trade, aid and debt, using a theoretical framework that blends elements of Marx and Foucault.  While at WLU I taught many different courses related to peace, conflict and development, touching on themes of conflict transformation, postwar development and peacebuilding, social justice, global development studies, sustainability, climate justice and disasters.  I have actively participated in social movements touching on many of these themes and write occasionally for the magazine Canadian Dimension.

Biographical information:

Most recently I was a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow in cultural and policy studies at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s Univeristy (2008-2010).  Previous to this I taught peace, conflict and development courses in the department of Global Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University for three years (2005-2008).  I am also a husband, parent of two young boys, and a musician. 

Other Appointments:



DEVS 492/809: Issue in Postwar Development


Recent journal articles:

 Davidson-Harden, A. (forthcoming)  What is Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Research ‘Worth’? Neoliberalism and the Framing of SSH Work in Canada.  Policy Futures in Education. 

 Davidson-Harden, A. (2010).  Interrogating the University as an Engine of Capitalism: Neoliberalism and academic ‘raison d’état’.  Policy Futures in Education, 8 (5). 

 Davidson-Harden, A. (2009).  Between citizen paralysis and praxis: Toward a critical pedagogy for confronting global violence.  The Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy, 1 (3).

 Davidson-Harden, A. (2008).  Re-branding Neoliberalism and Systemic Dilemmas in Social Development:  The Case of Education and School Fees in Latin American HIPCs.  Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies, 6 (1).

 Recent book chapters:

Schuetze, H., Kuehn, L., Davidson-Harden, A., Schugurensky, D., Weber, N., & Berthelot, J. (2011).  Globalization, Neoliberalism and Schools: The Canadian Story.  In L. Olmos, C. Torres & R. Van Heertum (Eds.), Educating the Global Citizen: In the Shadow of Neoliberalism Thirty Years of Educational Reform in North America, London: Bentham, pp. 62-84.

 Davidson-Harden, A. (2009).  Neoliberalism, knowledge capitalism and the steered university: The role of OECD and Canadian federal government discourse.  In Peters, M., Besley, A. C., & Olssen, D. M.,  Governmentality Studies in Education. Rotterdam, Sense Publishers, pp. 270-302.

 Davidson-Harden, A. (2009).  Re-branding Neoliberalism and Systemic Dilemmas in Social Development:  The Case of Education and School Fees in Heavily Indebted Latin American states.  In L. MacDonald and A. Ruckert (Eds.), Post-neoliberalism in the Americas.  New York: Palgrave MacMillan. 

 Davidson-Harden, A., with Schugurensky, D. (2008).  Latin America.  In D. Hill (Ed.), The Developing World and State Education: Neoliberal Depredation and Egalitarian Alternatives.  New York: Routledge. 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000